Alexei Vorobyov to represent Russia at the Eurovision Song Contest 2011!

After a month of silence and rumors Russia has decided: popular young singer Alexei Vorobyov will represent Russia at the Eurovision Song Contest, 2011.

Russian broadcaster Channel One has had responsibility for the application to participate at the Eurovision Song Contest 2011, which will be held in May. Russia will be represented with the song Get You performed by Alexei Vorobyov. For the first time Get You will be performed to an audience next Saturday, March the 12th, at the premiere of the show Star Academy. Return, making it a special featured number of the show. This year, the C1R (the national broadcaster of the Eurovision Song Contest 2011) used its right to choose the song and did not hold a national qualifying round.

The song participating for Russia at this year’s Eurovision is written by RedOne – composer behind some of Lady Gaga’s hits and the official hymn for the 2006 World Soccer Cup. In the past two years RedOne has had a total of 6 Grammy nominations as a producer and one prize in the category of Best Dance Recording for Poker Face by Lady Gaga in 2010. Alexei Vorobyov, speaks of the decision for him to represent Russia: "This is a great honor and great responsibility to represent Russia at the Eurovision. I will do my best for victory and I know it will happen. I am sure that the song Get You has every chance of success in this competition, because the person who wrote it, not just knows the most current trends in world music – he creates them. I am happy that RedOne, my official producer, and fate gave me the chance to represent the country in a team with such a professional class. RedOne is so serious about our participation in the competition, that he even recorded the backing vocals for the track. I’ve always dreamed to go to Eurovision and bring victory to my country."

Alexei goes on to say that "I have a unique chance to go further and realize the dream of all the Russian musicians – took place as a performer of international standard. Your support is very important to me." RedOne, author of the song Get You, explains: "I’m really excited. Me and Alexei wrote a very good song. I guess, that the next year’s Eurovision Song Contest will be held in Russia." Below you can watch Alexei’s performance at the Russian national selection for Eurovision Song Contest 2009:

Source:, Eurovisionary
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