Two fan clubs become one

For the past nine years Denmark has had two OGAE clubs. They have now decided to forget the bad words said in the past and join their forces. EuroVisionary has spoken to one of the presidents, Jacob Holm Laursen about this step.

To many Danish fans it has been a bit confusing with two clubs and after so many years most of the current members were not round when a group of people decided to step out and create their own club. Most don’t know what actually happen – and even fewer care. The merging of the two clubs is therefore by most seen as a positive step in the right direction. Denmark’s size in consideration the joint forces should be able to provide a better environment for the Danish fans.

EuroVisionary has spoken to Jacob Holm Laursen, president of “Melodi Grand Prix Fanklubben” about the past, the current situation and most importantly the future.

First of all, I think many are wondering why a small country like Denmark has/had two fan clubs. I am sure there exist both a long and a short explanation; maybe you can give us the short one?

For the last nine years there have been two clubs in Denmark. At first I wanted to find the reason for this, but every person I asked gave me a different explanation and soon I gave up. I think it is impossible to find an explanation – and I think it doesn’t matter – especially now where the clubs are merging.

What is the reason you will now become one, and how has it been arranged?

For some time, the two clubs have been beating about the bush and worked together on different issues. This winter one of the clubs invited the other for a cup of coffee and a talk about this co-work. Suddenly, the talk was about joining forces. It was clear to everyone that the talk about "us and them" was a dead end – so in stead we started talking about a "we" and our joined interest "Eurovision".

How will the current members be able to notice the difference?

By taking the best from each club we can offer our members a club that is stronger and more full of life than the previous two clubs. Earlier the same work had to be done twice (two magazines, two websites, two account managers etcetera). The people behind can together concentrate on quality instead of quantity. I should say, "One is stronger than two".

How will it be decided who should be President and other significant posts now that there are wishes from two clubs to take into consideration?

The new club will be formed on April 26th 2008. This will also be the day where we will find the new chairman, decide on some rules and what else needed to have a well organized club. This day the members will also have the possibility to come up with good ideas and suggestions.

What can you offer your members?
Four times a year members get our Eurovision magazine with exclusive interviews and reports. Furthermore, we offer tickets to ESC and CD’s that can’t be found in Danish shops. We also have get-togethers where we watch Eurovision on a big screen, make quizzes, and once a year we invite former Eurovision participants (Aud Wilken, Gry, Annette Heick, Thomas Thordarson, and so on). Just to mention the most important advantages. From April 26th you can read much more at our website

Which questions, which I haven’t asked, would you like to ask yourself and what would the answer be?
What have you learned from this?
People often walk around and think that other people probably think that you are something that you aren’t. Sometimes it is necessary to challenge these prejudice. I have already gained new friends since we started the process with the new club and I am sure that other will experience the same. So I have learned that we (people) make our lives more difficult than it has to be. And we are the only ones that can change this.

EuroVisionary would like to thank Jacob Holm Laursen for taking his time to talk to us and we wish him and the other Danish fans all the best of luck.

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