Three video interviews in 3D: Nina Badrić, Eva Boto and Can Bonomo

Today EuroVisionary caught up with three of the participants rehearsing for the second time on stage here in Baku. We talked to Croatians hope Nina Badrić, Slovenian Eva Boto and Turkish Can Bonomo – of course in 3D to make them stand out even more.

In the video interviews below you can hear Nina Badrić talk about her career, her musical influences and what she thinks about Baku. You can also hear Eva Boto talk about how it is to be 16 at a Eurovision Song Contest and away from her family and finally you get the answer to why Can Bonomo does not want to sing to the camera. 

This is just a little bit of what we talked to these three participants about as of course we do not reveal everything. All three interviews are recorded in 3D to make the artists stand out even more, but if you don’t have a pair of glasses ready this can easily be turned off in the player for a regular 2D view. 

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