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Marko Kon and Milan Nikolic will represent Serbia at the Eurovision Song Contest 2009 in Moscow. They are already preparing for the annual show and the Serbian team have made a few versions of the song Shoe. Marko talked to us about the Eurovision Song Contests in general, and his preparations for the show.

Years ago, Serbia had slow Eurovision songs, ballads. Why did you decide to make something quicker?

Accordion is the most versatile instrument. It has fantastic expressive possibilities, from classic to jazz, tango and also Balkan beat. The best Serbian accordion musicians are the best instrumentalists in the world. They have unique style of music, which obilise little thing of melisme for which is necessary virtulise playing. In fact that is an act of our cultural heritage. I wanted that to represent to the world. Anyway Serbia loves fast, dynamic songs and I want to represent bright side to European auditorium. 

Why did you decide to sing this song, because you are more famous as a music producer and composer?

The fist version of the song took Milan Nikolic and this song had to be instrumental. Melody let me think to start making a singing song. Then Aleksandar Kobac composed the basic sartorial line and then I started writing the text. I was the fist who sang a demo, and we came to the conclusion that the song is great and there’s no need to someone else sing it.

What does the Eurovision Song Contest mean to you, in general?

I adore Eurovision and I’m big fan of it. I followed it from when I was a kid and I know that is the biggest music spectacle in the world.

How many versions of Cipela have you made, and what version is your favourite?

On the promotional disc are 12 versions, 6 are in different languages, 4 are in different arrangment. There is also a karaoke version and a special multi-lingual from the languages which we made versions. Really, I like all.

What are your impressions of the last tour, in Amsterdam?

Amsterdam is a beautiful city with gorgeous architecture and very exited. The greatest impression is adorable audience which had great reaction on all songs and also mine, and I felt the real Eurovision spirt, that I really like.

Who worked on your choreography and will it be the same like it was at Beovizija in Belgrade?

Milan Gromilic worked on choreography for Beovizija, and for Eurovision worked Mojica Horvat, one of the greatest choreographer in Europe. Until now she had calls from Sertab who won on Eurovision 2003. and from Ruslana 2004, but her profesional obligations in theater didn’t let her to join the team. She said that 3th time whe will not refuse and she is very happy that we was the team who called her. Beside we know each other very well and I am content with her work in our project.

Do you think that the quality of the songs in this year’s Eurovision Song Contest is better now than last year’s? And which do you like?

Yes, I think that this Eurovision is much stronger with many good songs. I like Germany, Norway, Armenia, Slovenia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Montenegro and for sure many more just I can’t remember, don’t be mad (smile).

What are your musical influences and what does music mean to you?

When I was a kid, I was into punk, but nowadays I like alternative music too, but I also love the great pop sound. I think that music is a universal language and that world musical heritage is one of the most valuable achievements of civilization. Music is my first and biggest love in life.

Which question that I haven’t asked you, would you like to ask yourself and what would the answer be?

I just want to send a message to all people, I think that all world should learn from Eurovision’s audience, to see how all difference can be overcome, and all we can be unified and connected with good music, and with a little of goodwill nothing is hard.

Below you can listen sing Shoe from Marko Kon and Milan Nikolic, participants from Serbia in the Eurovision Song Contest 2009, in Moscow.

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