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Filip Dizdar (born June 17, 1989) is a Croatian singer who performed on a few shows in Croatia and has started working on his debut album. He will perform in Dora 2010 and try to represent Croatia in the Eurovision Song Contest 2010 in Oslo.

Is that mouse on your head in the picture your pet or just equipment for photographing?

Heh, that mouse is named Don and is my pet and occasionally model. I should call him to give you some comment on that, but right now, he is sleeping.

How long have you been into music?

It is a standard story like with all young musicians, that music is part of my life since I can remember. Since I was little, I began singing, I was in music school, at local festivals, and then there was participation in a music show on Nova TV. During that time, I started playing guitar and composing my own songs, and for the last six months, I gathered the team with which I began recording the debut album.

How did you decide to take a part in Dora 2010?

Since I debuted last summer at the final evening of the Dalmatian Chanson in Sibenik, with song "Ljubav na ulazu" (Love at the entrance), I knew that my next step was to sing in the Dora Festival. I am aware that this competition is a big chance for promotion of new names in the music industry, in Croatia and the region. Entering the semi-final, we have achieved half of the success, but still we need to "fight" for the final and further promotion of that song.

Do you hope you will win, or do you participate just for personal promotion?

It will be ungrateful to say that I came into Dora just because of promotional work; beside many musicians don’t get the opportunity to participate in that festival. So, I can say that I entered it because of promotion and some hope that I will win.

What is your song, "Sunce"(The Sun) about?

The song has a very cheerful arrangement, it is somehow positive, talking about love in some romantic way, just to forget all worries and doubts and go on way through the clouds.

Are you a fan of the Eurovision Song Contest and what do you think about it in general?

I am not a huge fan, but I like to watch it on television. Generally, I think a lot has been changed over the years and each year has more kitsch, but still it stays interesting. 

In 2007, you participated in the program ‘Show Time’ and finished in the Top 8. Did you feel "defeat" or you consider that as the success?

I cannot remember if I was in the Top 8 or some number less, it isn’t important. I can’t say that "defeat" was hard for me, because I got what I wanted, and that is the way out of anonymity. I look on that more as a success because I was 18 years old and I saw firsthand how it works, gained some experience, met some people and I realised that music is what I want to do in my life.

What do you currently do in life?

I always do a million things at once, if I need to choose some favourite hobbies, it will be: playing, composing, media design and photography of course. Rarely am I lazy, I just don’t have time for it.

What kind of music you listen to?

I had so many music phases in life. When I was a little, I adored songs by Elvis and The Beatles. During the time, I started listening to Radiohead, Jeff Buckley, Manic Street Preachers. Now I  listen to music from Jamie Cullum, James Morrison, and Jason Mraz.

Are you satisfied with last year performance of Igor Cukrov, in the Eurovision Song Contest, or you had other favourites?

Ah, I remember last year, Very good were Feminnem and of course, my colleague Franka Batelic and Mijo Leshina. As for Igor, I think we were well represented in Eurovision. 

Do you have an idol or someone whose work you respect as well?

If I need to choose one person I admire a lot, that will be Jamie Cullum, because he feels the music in the right way and I have great inspiration when I watch his performance.

Of all the participants who will perform in Dora 2010, who is for you ideal to be the new Croatian representative in the Eurovision Song Contest in Oslo?

Although we have a lot of good songs, I think Franka has a good chance for Oslo, maybe this is now her "5 minutes".

Which question that I haven’t asked you yet, would you like to ask yourself and what your answer will be?

It’s a bit strange that I need to ask myself a question, but it will be "What is the craziest moment in my life so far?" – Going down the red trail on the ridge on cardboard.
Bellow is the song which he will sing on Dora Festival 2010 in Croatia.


Filip Dizdar “Sunce” -Dora 2010

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