Eurovision 2020 entries: Sweden – we are discussing Move by The Mamas

This year, a backing group from the prior year’s contest should have been stepping upfront on the Eurovision stage, albeit with one member less. Yes we are talking about The Mamas from Sweden.

Last year, as a quartet, the Mamas were backing vocalists for John Lundvik, as Sweden’s 2019 entry, and placed fifth with Too Late For Love. This year, after losing founding member, Paris Renita, the ladies were back at Melodifestivalen 2020, and winning with the song Move.

The trio, Ashley Haynes, Loulou Lamotte and Dinah Yonas Manna opened up this years Melodifestivalen in Heat One, way back on February 1 2020, proceeding directly to the final, with fellow competitor Robin Bengtsson and his song Take A Chance. In the following three weeks, six more acts joined them in the final. The Andra Chasen on February 29 sent four more acts through to the final.

The Melodifestivalen 2020 final was held at the Friends Arena in Stockholm on March 7 2020, to a sell out crowd, on the same day Denmark chose their entry in an empty arena. The Mamas performed 3rd in a field of 12, and after the jury votes had been announced, they were sitting in equal first place with Dotter and the song Bulletproof, both songs having 65 points.

When the public vote was announced. the Mamas received 72 points, having received 1,610,446 votes from the public. There was tension in the hall as the audience waited to hear Dotter’s points. In the end she received 1,489,636 votes, translating to 71 points, which meant The Mamas had won by only one point. At that moment the song Move was heading to Rotterdam, as Sweden’s Eurovision entry 2020.

At the time of the Eurovision 2020 cancellation, The Mamas were in twelfth place in the betting odds.

Below is what our writers think of the song Move by The Mamas.

Michael Before I went into the Melodifestivalen final, I said there were nine average songs, two good ones, Move by The Mamas and Talking In Your Sleep by Paul Rey, and one great song, Bulletproof by Dotter. I said I’d be happy if any one of the three won. As it turns out after the result, I was furious that Dotter didn’t win. After a few days though I reconsidered my opinion and remembered what I’d said before the contest. The Mamas have fantastic vocals, and the song is a great piece of inspiring and gospel music. The Mamas would have shone in Rotterdam and it was very vexing, the speed that it was announced that they were unlikely to be back in 2021.

Giannis Unfortunately Sweden had much stronger songs in their selection. Mamas are very good singers but i feel I am listening to last year’s Swedish entry but with female vocals. Sweden would qualify but would lose their top10 record.

Elvir This year’s Swedish entry is such a feel-good song. I fell in love with Move the first time I heard it. The song is full of positive vibes and energy -and charisma as well. The Mamas and Move manage to make me happy and move my feet and dance.

Charlotte I just listened to it, and realised that it’s the first I hear it. I covered a Norwegian show when they appeared in their Melodifestivalen heat. Then the Swedish final collided with the Danish one, and in the week that followed, I had an exams project to finish – and before I got around to listen to the songs, I missed, Eurovision 2020 was cancelled. Better late than never, or is it? I am not convinced. I can hear quality in their voices, and the song has a certain ‘cuteness’ factor to it. But honestly, I started writing this as soon as I finished the video, and already now, I must admit that I forgot the song again. Should I start over again, or just conclude that the song unfortunately didn’t catch me? I choose the latter for now – but I might give it a second listen at a later point.

Theo To start with, I had found Move a little timid compared to the exuberant charisma of The Mamas, who I think would have been a media sensation in Rotterdam 2020. I am now quite into the song though still not sure if it would have sounded impressive enough to be a serious contender for the trophy. As far as Melodifestivalen 2020 goes, I cannot get over the fact that my favourite entry, Bulletproof by Dotter, lost to Move by just one point. I am of the opinion that, if Bulletproof had won, its exceptional stage presentation with the reflected light beams coming out of Dotter’s top would have made Eurovision history. I love Bulletproof as a song, too, and it would probably have been my favourite entry of Eurovision 2020 overall had it won the Swedish selection. As is often the case, a solid performance wins the day and that’s exactly what The Mamas did at Melodifestivalen.

Josef Last year when John Lundvik had Mamas in Tel Aviv, we already thought that they would be cool on their own and boom – they are here. And they are awesome. Modern gospel song is something unique at Eurovision and I love it. Full of energy, funny dance moves. I think I have nothing to complain about here. Hopefully they will be back in Melodifestivalen 2021.

Alvaro   I can understand why the Mamas won Melodifestivalen this year. It is positive to see Sweden trying something different to the usual formula they were used to send in the previous years. The Mamas shine out with their own light and they deserve to be on the centre of the stage. However, I am afraid that the nostalgia factor of watching the Mamas again in Eurovision would not have been enough. I can even imagine that if the contest would have taken place the gap between the jury vote (that would be delighted with the amazing voice of the Swedish entry) and the public vote would have been huge.

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