Eurovision 2020 cancelled – We are mourning

Yesterday, we all faced the shock that the 2020 contest was cancelled. All hope was out, and we were left with an empty sad feeling. Coronavirus had taken another victim dear to us away.

For a few weeks, it has been clear that the 2020 Eurovision Song Contest couldn’t take place as scheduled. Different possible scenarios kept playing in our head – up until tomorrow afternoon when the contest was cancelled.

We, fans of the Eurovision Song Contest, live like most others in Europe at the moment in more or less complete isolation. Our countries are shut down, schools closed, and those of us working, mainly do it from home.

EuroVisionary mourns

Our team of writers are spread all over Europe and represents various age groups too. We asked them to write a little piece about how they feel now, having had time to digest the news of the cancellation.

Josef, Czech Republic

🇨🇿 We all somewhere deep inside knew this may come one day, taking the current situation into account. But it is something none of us wanted to happen, never. Laying for some hours and doing nothing, but listening to Eurovision 2020 songs is how we can get over this depression. It is not the usual P.E.D – Post Eurovision Depression. It is just depression. There will be no Eurovision, so it is actually Anti Eurovision Depression, if you can call it that.

Let’s not forget those 41 artists and their songs, no matter if we liked them or not. They deserve the attention. Let’s pay them back what they gave us until now. 💔

🇩🇰 Charlotte, Denmark

I am still in shock. I was hoping for, and expecting, a decision to broadcast the contest with every act performing in their own country – maybe with a month or two delayed. That way we would still have a Eurovision – and in times of unrest and anxiety like now, I think that would have been the best option.

In a few months, we as nations will have fought through this coronavirus. There will be a bill to pay. Emotionally as we’ll have lost loved ones. Economically too as shutting down our countries isn’t cheap, and we’ll more than ever need Eurovision to cheer us up: A TV show we love and hate at the same time. We’ll need to talk about worst dressed act, bad jokes from the hosts and we need a winning song, we can discuss for hours and hours… Until we start speculations on which city should host 2021 and whether or not the country can handle it. Unfortunately, now we’ll have non of the above. We all lost our freedom and our social life is completely shattered. Some lost family and dear friends, and others their job. We had to cancel big personal events in our lives. We were robbed of big sports events, and now we also lost Eurovision to coronavirus 😥

🇬🇧 Ashleigh, United Kingdom

The news has come as an extra disappointment to me as after being a long time fan, Eurovision 2020 would have been my first time being at the contest. It is also a great pity for the artists who have worked hard to win their respective selection processes and promote their songs.

I hope they will get the chance represent their country next year, and that Eurovision 2021 will be better than ever.

🇳🇱 Wouter, the Netherlands (🇩🇰 lives in Denmark)

When I, while in Copenhagen, heard the news that Dansk Melodi Grand Prix was to be held without audience, my first thought after the initial shock was that this was only the beginning. Something was going to change about the 2020 Eurovision Song Contest, we just had to wait for the what, when, and how. With tougher restrictions being added across Europe every day, the decision to cancel became more and more inevitable. And yet I’ve been denying it to myself, thinking all will be ok if we just give it some more time.

But then it all became all too real, all of a sudden. Like a blow in your face. I had been looking forward to experiencing the Eurovision Song Contest in my motherland, and some stupid, invisible, new, unexpected threat has taken that and so much more away from me. I guess what I’m trying to say is: this sucks, big time!

🇬🇧 Theo, United Kingdom

Even though May 2021 feels an awfully long time away to wait for the next edition of Eurovision, this was ultimately the right decision. I also secretly hope that we end up with an improved crop of songs for 2021 as, regrettably, I was not ecstatic with many of the songs for this year.

🇬🇧 Michael, United Kingdom

As a fan I am disappointed that Eurovision has been cancelled. I also feel sorry for all the acts who have worked so hard, and also appalled at the early dismissal of The Mamas and Uku for 2021. Part of me is kind of glad it’s been cancelled due to outrageous prices accommodation etc would have been in Rotterdam, but now they’ll go up even more next year due to more people wanting to go after a two year break.

But this is a competition we all love so of course it’s a shame it’s had to be cancelled. I know there’s worse problems in the world but it’s something we like and didn’t want cancelled. It will hit more in May, but I want this suffering from this virus to end. Let’s hope we all get the results governments are hoping for and this virus is banished. Affordable prices next year would be an added bonus as compensation to all the fans who’ve missed out this year, but that probably won’t happen.

To our readers

Keep safe everyone, follow the guidelines about social distance to “flatten the curve”, and remember that right now we stand together by staying away from each other. Keep inside, and have your meetings online. The sooner we all follow the new rules, the sooner, it will be over.

In the video below, enjoy the Italian 1990 Eurovision entry Insieme 1992 – it encourages us to stand together in Europe, and that’s what we need right now.

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