Eurovision 2016 Day 6: Rehearsals from Germany, Italy and United Kingdom

This morning the last three of the Big 5 countries had their first rehearsals in the Globen arena to practise their presentations of their Eurovision Song Contest entries.

First up this morning was Germany.

Germany: Jamie-Lee – Ghost

Jamie-Lee is one of the youngest competitors in the contest and you can tell as she seems to have emptied her jewelry box in her bedroom and wears it wherever. Dressed in a powder blue tutu, and pink and blue striped socks up above the knee with big blue sneakers, Jamie starts at the back of the stage alone before walking forward. There is a large moon on the back wall behind her

The vocals were pretty solid but the four female backing singers were a little flat on the first chorus.

There are six trees surrounding the stage, some of them have smoke blowing from them and in the background there are pink and blue lights, in an enchanted forest  There are green glowing lights coming from the trees. The general staging seems that it takes place in a dark forest. Unfortunately there is also a good use of this years colour, blue, in the lighting.

After the second verse Jamie-Lee walks down the runway to perform the ending of the song on the satellite platform.

Italy: Francesca Michielin – No Degree Of Separation

While Jamie-Lee spent time in the forest, Francesca is singing in a garden. There are lots of roses, daffodils and other flowers spread around the stage along with birds, balloons and fruit.

Francesca stands on grass placed in the middle of the stage, wearing a brown/gold jump suit and a white T-shirt. Her singing is very sweet and pleasant to the ears. Behind her is a very green tree which lights up during the song.

There is blue again but this time it is used as the sky, so it’s put to good use. There is green lighting on the stage. supposedly representing grass.

Visual effects pop up on the screen at random moments during the song and the stage floor is awash with yellow circular lights.

At the end of the song Francesca stretches out her arm and offers an apple, no doubt hoping we will keep the Earth green.

United Kingdom: Joe and Jake – You’re Not Alone

The stage starts out totally dark while Joe and Jake start up. Dressed casually in jeans and T-Shirt and a black jacket, Joe starts his vocal and in the background there are blue and pink spotlights.

Jake on his guitar, is not quite as good a vocalist, but when he sings his solo part, you can see that they are backed by two elevated drummers, whose platforms are also emitting pink and blue lights.

The back wall and floor are full of smiling British faces, reflecting the You’re Not Alone lyric. The duo basically just stand mid stage and perform the song. interacting with each other now and again.

At the bridge the stage is light blue. The lads look as if they’re having a great time and work well together. There isn’t anything not to like, but do they have the experience to win the contest?

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