Eurovision 2015 set new record in viewing figures

With 197 million viewers this year’s Eurovision Song Contest managed to beat the record from last year. VIP country however Australia wasn’t a big success, but the Nordic countries once again delivered impressive market shares.

A total of 195 million watched last year’s Eurovision Song Contest. That was a fantastic number which hadn’t been seen in the many years the viewing figures were measured. Another two million was added this year so the contest is now getting closer to the two hundred million viewers which will be a milestone. The 197 million TV viewers are for all three live shows, and it is not specified how each show performed.

This year Australia took part in the Eurovision Song Contest as a special VIP country invited for a one time participation. Their viewing figures went up with 27% to a total of 5,7 million combined for all three live shows plus the following re-runs. No market share is mentioned for Australia for the final, but with this number being for a total of six shows, it is easy to say that they didn’t deliver as good as expected when they were asked to join. The 27% Australia increased with is equal to 1,5 million people, and as such a big part of the two million more who watched this year’s Eurovision Song Contest is to be found here.

Where Australia might have failed in living up to the expectations others managed significantly better. Host country Austria set a new record with 1,7 million viewers for the final, and a market share of 59,9%. As usual it is however in the Nordic countries we find the highest market shares. Despite not making it to the final for the first time since 2007, Iceland produced a market share of impressive 95,5% for the final, and winning country Sweden reached 85,6%. It is also worth noticing that where the 59,9% is a new record for Austria, it is however far from what Denmark delivered last year on home ground with a market share of 89% for the final.

This year, China broadcast the final live for the first time. No numbers for that has been mentioned.

TV Viewers for the Eurovision Song Contest:

2015: 197 million

2014: 195 million

2013: 170 million

2012: 102,9 million

2011: 114,5 million

2010: 108,2 million

2009: 124 million

2008: 106 million

Here you can watch this year’s winning song from Sweden’s Måns Zelmerlöw, and below this article you find viewing figures specified out for various countries.

Source:,, EuroVisionary
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