Great Norwegian viewing figures

A market share of 82% that is what the Norwegian viewing figures shows for the Eurovision Song Contest final this year, that is the highest number since 2010 where Norway hosted the show. The second semi-final also had high viewing figures.

The second semi-final this year where Norway took part in was seen by 974.000 which is equal to a market share of 59% and significantly higher than the semi-final with Norwegian participation last year seen by 792.000. The number from this year is mentioned to be the second highest in this millennium, only beaten by 2009 where 1,2 million Norwegians tuned into see Alexander Rybak bring Fairytale into the Eurovision final.

Naturally the viewing figures go up for the final when a country is represented, and Norway is no exception to that. 1.681.000 or a market share of 82% in Norway was watching this year Eurovision Song Contest final. It is the highest number since 2010 where Norway hosted, and the 4th most viewed final since Norway started to measure these things in 1993.

Norwegian viewing figures for Eurovision final

Year Viewing figures
2015 1.681.000
2014 1.377.000
2013 1.519.000
2012 1.096.000
2011 (Norway didn’t qualify for the final) 993.000
2010 (Norway hosted the show) 1.989.000
2009 (Norway won) 2.011.000
2008 1.553.000
2007 (Norway didn’t qualify for the final) 573.000
2006 1.373.000
2005 1.416.000
2004 1.257.000
2003 1.470.000
2002 970.000
2001 1.503.000
2000 1.532.000
1999 1.591.000
1998 1.144.000
1997 1.159.000
1996 (Norway hosted the show) 2.034.000
1995 (Norway won) 1.542.000
1994 1.424.000
1993 1.499 000

Below you can see one of our videos of the Norwegian Eurovision entry this year, A Monster Like Me:

Source: NRK
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