Eight acts go to the final in Moldova’s O melodie pentru Europa 2017

Tonight, Moldova held the qualifying round of their O melodie pentru Europa 2017 contest to find the song which will represent them at the Eurovision Song Contest 2017.

A line up of fourteen songs was cut down to a total of eight. These eight acts will compete tomorrow in the final, hoping to represent Moldova, in Kiev in the second half of the first semi on May 9th.

The Songs

Vozniuc feat. Vio GrecuDon’t Lie

Vozniuc is accompanied by Vio on the guitar. This slow ballad builds into a strong chorus. The song is about an ex girlfriend and wanting to hear her tell the truth. Being on first is probably a disadvantage, but since eight songs will be getting through, this should be safe.

Emilia RussuIf Only You

Blonde Emilia is stuck with another run of the mill ballad. She has a powerful voice which helps the song move along. The piano is featured a lot in the song, a verse, a chorus which probably isn’t good enough to stand out.

Sandy CA Beautiful World

Another song starting slowly with a solo piano. Sandy has a nice voice, on this standard ballad. However the melody of the song is quite pleasant. By the second verse  more instruments join in which really lifts the song. This should qualify too.

Valeria Pașa Freedom

The third female singer in a row, but this song is a bit more up-tempo. The song has a bit of a country feel, and Valeria really belts out the chorus. The guitar is the main instrument here.

Valentina Nejel & Sergiu PungăNe-a fost iubirea un joc

This duo is surprisingly quite lively, but is so similar to Eurovision duets from the seventies, that never did well. The Moldovan sung entry, would make a good video of the virtues of Moldova. Both singers are very strong and duet well together.

Ethno Republic & Surorile OsoianuDiscover Moldova 

A tribute to the  Russian grannies from these five, much younger ladies, who are also exalting the wonders of Moldova. Dressed in traditional costumes, there’s a bit of a shout out to the old Hora in the middle.

Marks & StefanetJoin Us in the Rain

A violin really helps lift this song. Another male-female duet, but the singers are also very good. The song obviously isn’t such a wow that it will win Eurovision, but is a good listen nonetheless.

Aurel ChirtoacăDor de mamă  

Aurel’s song is a real slow number with pan pipes thrown in to give it some class. After the pipes disappear this is a mournful tune, with just the guitar accompaniment. This is what Portugal used to send in the seventies.

Big Flash SoundLogic 

This five piece group can hardly be called big nor flash, but it’s the nearest thing to a pop group in the contest so far. Sticking to Moldovan, the female singer is accompanied by a four pice male band , on various instruments. Not really good enough to stand out.

SunStroke ProjectHey Mamma 

The return of SunStroke, with a song in the same vein as Clean Bandit’s Rockabye. The saxophone features after the verses, which really helps. The hollow violin also makes an appearance. The song isn’t a real classic, but should be enough to get into the final.

Diana BrescanBreath 

Back to the ballads again and another competent female singer. Diana has the advantage of performing towards the end. The piano features all he way through this song as well. When the backing singers join in, the song comes to life.

Nadia Moșneagu –  Never Give Up on Us 

By now the songs are all starting to run into each other. This is a bit more dramatic, with computer generated music blending with a big orchestra. Natya, the name she also goes by, has a very operatic and powerful voice.

Samir LoghinGlow

This is probably the song with the most life about it, so far this evening. The song very much has a feel of Swedish Melodifestivalen about it. There is a bit of eastern music too. Samir and his backing band are all dressed in white.


To end the show, this wanna be rock band definitely has the most lively song of the evening. The song is a fine one to dance along too. Lots of brass features in the background, while the band play along with their guitars and drums.

The Results

The top eight acts qualify for tomorrow nights final. The top four jury choices automatically qualified. That was SunStroke Project, Ethno Republic & Surorile Osoianu, Diana Brescan and Aurel Chirtoacă.

  Jury Public
Vozniuc feat. Vio Grecu  5  7  To The Final By Public
Emilia Russu  2  3  
Sandy C  4  6  
Valeria Pașa  6  8  To The Final By Public
Valentina Nejel & Sergiu Pungă  0  5
Ethno Republic & Surorile Osoianu  10  –  To The Final By Jury
Marks & Stefanet  0  12  To The Final By Public
Aurel Chirtoacă  7  –  To The Final By Jury
Big Flash Sound  1  2  
SunStroke Project  12  –  To The Final By Jury
Diana Brescan  8  –  To The Final By Jury
Nadia Moșneagu  0  1
Samir Loghin  0  10  To The Final By Public
The ONE 3  4

Moldova In The Eurovision Song Contest

Will this be lucky or unlucky for Moldova, as they appear this year, for the thirteenth time at Eurovision. Debuting in 2005 with Zdob şi Zdub and the song, Bunica Bate Toba, Moldova got off to a good start finishing in 6th place with 148 points.

The following year, Arsenium dropped the country to 20th place, but Natalia Barbu, made a good recovery in 2007 taking Fight into the top 10. This was the last time Moldova made the top 10.

The duo of Pasha Parfeny and Aliona Moon, both managed 11th place in 2012 and 2013 with Lautar and O Mie. However since then Moldova have failed to qualify to the final.

Their 2010 entry Runaway by SunStroke Project and Olia Tira became a viral sensation years later, with epic sax man featuring all over social media.

Below you can enjoy, jury favourite, SunStroke Project’s entry for this year, Hey Mamma.

Source: trm.md
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