Desperate RTÉ holds Eurovision crisis meeting

RTÉ have decided that enough is enough and held a crisis meeting. The aim of the meeting? Not how to win, but how to qualify. Can they bring back the luck of the Irish?

RTÉ bosses were joined alongside top song writers, industry experts and Irish eurovision fans to hash out a plan to end the years of misery the Irish have faced at the contest recently. The meeting was held following Ireland’s fourth consecutive year of failing to qualify for the grand final.

During the meeting the broadcaster were slammed for sending 2008’s act Dustin The Turkey, claiming that it did Ireland years of long term damage that the country has yet to recover from.

Other suggestions made in the meeting were that RTÉ should stop sending talent show winners to Eurovision and instead opt for a performer who has experience and can perform competently and confidently in front of an audience.

Amateur singers don’t have the stagecraft or experience to suddenly come up with the goods. We needed professional singers with decades of experience who could rise to the occasion.” A speaker at the crisis meeting.

Despite RTÉ are focusing their concentration on qualifying, however the broadcaster still have hopes of Ireland winning the contest again some day. Suggesting that it will be a huge morale boost for the country, the broadcaster and the fans. As well as bring in some much needed viewing figures.

Unfortunately for RTÉ, despite wanting to find the magical qualification formula they finally came to the conclusion that none existed.

Ireland at the Eurovision song contest

The emerald isle first entered the contest in Naples, Italy in 1965. They still hold the record for the most wins at Eurovision with a staggering 7 wins, although Sweden is now hot on their tail as they are just one win away from co-holding the title.

Last year they were represented by former boybander Brendan Murray with his song Dying To Try. You can remind yourself of his performance when he failed to qualify for the grand final below.

Source: The Irish Sun
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