Points in Czech Republic national final – this is how convincing Mikolas Josef won

Was it a tough competition or a rather convincing victory for Mikolas Josef in the Czech national selection, Eurovision Song CZ? The split points awarded from jury as well as the public has been revealed, and can further be combined with Facebook polls.

When Czech Republic the other day announced that Mikolas Josef won the national selection, we knew he had won the international jury voting, and was the combined winner overall as well. The actual points, and the split voting has now been made public. Let’s take a look.

International Jury Voting

Each of the members of the jury gave 8 points to their favourite, then 6 to the second, and 4 to 1 to the rest. In total every juror gave out 24 points and the maximum that one song could receive was 80 points. From the total amount of points received a TOP 6 was put together with the same points (8, 6, 4, 3, 2 and 1). That made 50 % of the final result.

Rank Artist – Song Points received from the jury Final points
1 Mikolas Josef – Lie To Me 68 8
2 Debbi – High On Love 54 6
3 Pavel Callta – Never Forget 34 4
4 Doctor Victor – StandUP 30 3
5 Eva Burešová – Fly 27 2
Eddie Stoilow – We Rule This World 27 2

According to the official statement from the broadcaster, Mikolas Josef has received the top mark (8 points) from 7 out of 10 members of the international jury. The biggest surprise for the fans was the low score for Eva Burešová. Her entry Fly was expected to finish high at juries.

Online App Voting

Czech broadcaster decided to work together with the EBU on running the online voting, and also promoted the official Eurovision App. Through the app, the public had the chance to send only 1 vote per person. Everybody was able to cast the vote, but only the votes sent from the Czech Republic were counted in as the final result. In the end, close to 16,000 unique votes were received, which is not a bad number at all. Consider also that the public needed the app to send their votes for free.

Out of those 16,000 only the approximate number of the first two places were revealed. Mikolas Josef has received almost half of the votes sent through the app, around 7,000. The runner-up then received only half of the number of the votes for Mikolas, approximately 3,500.

Rank Artist – Song Number of votes received Final points
1 Mikolas Josef – Lie To Me 7,000 (43,8 %) 8
2 Eva Burešová – Fly 3,500 (21,9 %) 6
3 Pavel Callta – Never Forget N/A 4
4 Debbi – High On Love N/A 3
5 Eddie Stoilow – We Rule This World N/A 2
6 Doctor Victor – StandUP N/A 1

The TOP 6 again received the same points as in the international jury voting. As well as in the jury voting, this public vote made up the second half of the final result. In the case of a tie, in the end, the public vote would be the one who decide.

Final Result

Now combine those two tables, and we get the following result – and a quite convincing victory for Mikolas Josef.

Rank Artist – Song International Jury Voting Online App Voting Total
1 Mikolas Josef – Lie To Me 8 8 16
2 Debbi – High On Love 6 3 9
3 Eva Burešová – Fly 2 6 8
4 Pavel Callta – Never Forget 4 4 8
5 Eddie Stoilow – We Rule This World 2 2 4
6 Doctor Victor – StandUP 3 1 4

Eva and Pavel finished both with 8 points, but Eva was better at public voting. The same case is for Eddie Stoilow and Doctor Victor who both received 4 points, but Eddie Stoilow scored higher in the online app voting. From the table above, we can clearly see that Mikolas was a favourite, not only for the public but also for the international jury.

Talking about the rest of the participants, it is not as clear as in the case of Mikolas. The opinion of juries and public was the same only for Pavel and Eddie Stoilow. The rest divided the other positions and made up the final results. The biggest difference may be seen with Eva who was last in the international jury voting, but the public obviously loved her and put her in a second place. In the end, the combination of both was enough only for a third place.

Polls on the official Facebook page

Česká Televize also prepared three polls on their official Eurovision page on Facebook. In these polls, fans should choose the best voice out of the six finalists. The polls were divided into three duels – the boys, the girls and the groups.

The poll between Mikolas and Pavel had 524 users who voted. In the group poll between Eddie Stoilow and Doctor Victor voted less – 452 Facebook users. Poll No.3 between Eva and Debbi attracted the highest number of people – 636. The results from these numbers may be seen in the table below. (Note: The percentage in brackets is taken from each of those duel polls.)

Rank Artist – Song Number of votes received
1 Eva Burešová – Fly 496 votes (78 %)
2 Eddie Stoilow – We Rule This World 352 votes (78 %)
3 Mikolas Josef – Lie To Me 340 votes (65 %)
4 Pavel Callta – Never Forget 184 votes (35 %)
5 Debbi – High On Love 140 votes (22 %)
6 Doctor Victor – StandUP 100 votes (22 %)

This poll voting was clearly won by Eva Burešová, but we need to take into consideration that those results come from the duels. So it is obvious that the winners of those three polls took the first three places. But it shows that the quality of the voices is most equal in the boys’ category with Mikolas Josef and Pavel Callta.

Take a look at the video for Mikolas Josef’s Eurovision entry Lie To Me. He will represent the Czech Republic in Lisbon in the first half of the first semi-final on Tuesday the 8th of May.

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