Can Poland break the second singing position curse

Each year the drawing positions for the Eurovision Song Contest is closely watched, with second position being the dreaded starting place.

So far no song has won, performing in that position.

This year Poland have been allocated the number two position. Since the producers started to allocate the starting positions in 2013, being given the second position has not been a good omen. In 2013 Lithuania was the first country to sing in second place, ending up in 22nd place for Andrius Pojavis and the song Something. In 2014 Teo and his Belarusian Cheesecake fell to 16th place.

In 2015 the producers had the audacity to allocate the second position to one of the big five, France, and Lisa Angell’s N’oubliez Pas, which finished 25th with only four points. The Czech Republic became the next victim in 2016 when I Stand by Gabriela Gunčíková scored no points from the public.

This year Kasia Moś, has the task of singing second with the song Flashlight. The Polish entry last year drew no love from the juries, but the public placed them as third favourite. Kasia is now tasked with keeping the public’s interest through 26 songs, while gaining approval from the judges. Can she break the second position curse.

So far, the best placing for a second place sung song was in 1965 when Kathy Kirby came second with I Belong. As an aside 16th is the other cursed position, This year that falls to Spain.

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