Bulgaria 2021: Help Victoria pick Bulgaria’s Eurovision entry from six potential songs

VICTORIA has now released her potential entries for the Eurovision Song Contest. 2021. She has released six songs as part of A Little Dramatic collection.The favourite with the public will go on to be Bulgaria’s entry 2021.

Last year, VICTORIA was one of the favourites to win the Eurovision Contest 2020 with Tears Getting Sober. She was very disappointed that she did not get the chance to perform the song at Eurovision, and appealed to the EBU to allow Bulgaria to use the song in 2021. However, the rules were that a new song should be produced.

On March 21, 2020, Bulgarian Television (BNT) announced that VICTORIA would return for the 2021 contest. Like last year, she is being sponsored by iCard, Bulgaria.

A special online platform has been launched to allow you, music fans around the world to leave comments and feedback about the 6 potential songs. This will be Bulgaria’s selection process for Eurovision 2021. VICTORIA and her team will also look for feedback from focus groups specialising in music, TV, radio and Eurovision experts to make their final decision.

Below you can watch the songs in the running to be Bulgaria’s 2021 entry

Song 1: Ugly Cry

Ugly Cry was released earlier than the other five songs, leading many to believe this had already been picked as the entry. This is a pretty dark song, pretty depressing in fact. This is a song about someone leaving Victoria, and the theme runs through the rest of the songs. A pretty dark video with burning fire and a bit of Game Of Thrones influence. A plucking string instrument starts the song and features throughout the song. A clock reversing time seems important to the song. VICTORIA says she’s been through hell and that’s not the first time she returns to this theme.

Song 2: Imaginary Friend

This song is as if Victoria is writing a letter to an imaginary someone, as seen in the video. The music keeps the same downbeat feel about it. A choir is used to lift the chorus a little. VICTORIA ponders how you can miss someone that you never knew at all. VICTORIA is not sporting the silver hair, that she has in some if the other songs. The song ends a little like Tears Getting Sober did.

Song 3: Dive Into Unknown

By now you’ll realise there’s not going to be much tempo with the entries this year. The choir again add to the chorus and there’s a bit more orchestra here. Again the mood is pretty dark. VICTORIA seems to be singing the song under a giant jellyfish in this video. Best line is ‘like an iris growing in the beauty of a storm’.

Song 4: Phantom Pain

There’s a banging drum going on throughout this song. Victoria sings the song into a mirror on a bathroom floor in the video. It seems to be about someone who has left her, and she is reflecting why they did so. The music stops towards the end of the song, and their then follows a bit about attending a funeral, which leads into the next potential song.

Song 5: The Funeral Song

This song has a bit of an unusual topic for Eurovision, and should it be picked will need to be shortened. Despite its morbid subject, this is one of the more tuneful numbers, Victoria is offering. She is looking back after her death, and suggesting that in life she has already been through hell. The choir that featured in last year’s Tears Getting Sober are back and is a good addition to the song.

Song 6: Growing Up Is Getting Old

After all the anguish of the previous entries, this a little bit of a light relief. While the pace is still slow, this has a more reflective VICTORIA looking at photos and memories, while pondering about getting older. The choice of song to represent Bulgaria this year is going to be difficult.

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