Can three overweight middle aged men be good for my health?

I was asked how I can enjoy three middle age overweight men dressed in colourful suits singing a song that won’t go down in history as something to remember, but that is what I like about De Toppers. It is fun and not too serious! I am ready for two weeks of fun with these guys in Moscow – and me and three guys might even me good for my health! 

I haven’t so excited about a Dutch selection before as I was when it was announced that De Toppers would be representing the Netherlands at the 2009 Eurovision Song Contest. At that time it was in particular Gerard Joling that attracted me. The thought of him returning to the Contest really did make me look forward to the Netherlands coming back as one of my favourite countries. Ok, it then turned out that he left the band in the middle of my excitement. I admit having my doubts about whether or not they could deliver for me without him, but Sunday evening I was relieved. The Dutch final proved that Moscow is indeed going to be two weeks with a lot of fun from the Netherlands.

Yes, Gordon, René and Jeroen are no Chippendales. The latter is actually quite cute, but it is not about that. It is about having fun and enjoying some happy songs you can sing along to after 30 seconds. Many will know that I don’t like acts that are camp and will therefore add that I shouldn’t like De Toppers. I have realised that it is hard to explain, but to me they are not camp. They sing some happy tunes that get stuck in your head right away, they bring you in a good mood and most of all then it is clear that they really have fun themselves. There is a lot of resemblance to the 80’ Scandinavian national finals and since that was what made me a fan of the Eurovision Song Contest in the first place maybe that is why I like De Toppers so much?

I really enjoyed this year’s Dutch national selection. Six songs from De Toppers and two great Eurovision Song Contest medleys, what more to ask for? The right result perhaps? Yeah, the Dutch population didn’t exactly pick the best song in my ears, nor did the jury for that matter so I can conclude that my taste just isn’t quite in harmony with the Dutch one yet. It might be my second country, but I am still too Scandinavian I guess. Though I had a feeling that Shine would win my fingers were crossed for Three is a magic number. It is damn catchy and would be a serious candidate for the top points from all the Scandinavian countries. I could also imagine it being a smash hit at Euroclub and furthermore I could see myself dancing around to it at the press centre! Maybe the Dutch somehow knew that and just wanted to spare the rest of the journalist from that!

I also liked Everybody can be a star, but that really was just an improved version of Latvia’s 2002 winner I Wanna! Shine is an ok song, but it just doesn’t do the rest for me. It can enjoy listening to it, but it doesn’t make me jump up and dance around to it and in order to sing along to it I probably need to hear it a lot more. There isn’t time for that if you want to win the Eurovision Song Contest; you need to have an immediate hit on first listening. It is tough, but as ABBA sang it is the name of the game.  I am afraid that it might be a very hard game for the Netherlands, but I am sure De Toppers will provide us with two weeks of fun. I will be looking forward to them removing the usual stress that hits me when spending 15 hours a day in the press centre. You know, they might just actually be good for my health!

De Toppers have always been good for a little public fight and though Gordon and Gerard Joling are not professionally working together anymore we might just still see such a little publicity fight in Moscow. Someone whispered in my ear that Gerard Joling will be going to Moscow to cover the Eurovision Song Contest for his TV program. Can you imagine that? Gerard Joling in Moscow as a journalist covering what De Toppers are doing – imagine him asking questions at the press conference…. oh, that might just give us all a bit of stress again!

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