Yohanna in a cover of Denmark’s 1993 Eurovision entry

Former Eurovision participant Yohanna threw herself into a cover version of Denmark’s 1993 Eurovision entry – in Icelandic. The new version of the song is kept quite close to the original in the lyrics, but it sounds quite different.

The Danish entry from 1993 Under Stjernerne På Himlen didn’t do well at the Eurovision Song Contest where it finished 22nd with only nine points, but in Denmark it is a classic which most people know and can sing a long to. The original version is by Tommy Seebach, who unfortunately passed away in 2003 only 53 years old. He didn’t live to see his own son Rasmus Seebach become one of Denmark’s best selling artists who released his version, of this third Eurovision entry from his dad, in 2011.

Yohanna who represented Iceland at the 2009 Eurovision Song Contest, and finished second, has covered Under Stjernerne På Himlen, in Icelandic. She has personal memories of the song from her early childhood, which was actually spent in Denmark: “I was born in Denmark in 1990 so this song has a great meaning to me and my family. This song is about a parent putting their child to sleep and together they drift off together in a dream“.

In Icelandic the lyrics are kept quite close to the original Danish one, but it still sounds very different. Yohanna’s voice fits the song well and she do deliver a good version, but it lacks the same emotions which both Tommy and and his son Rasmus had in their versions.

In the embedded playlist below you can first listen to Yohanna’s Icelandic cover version of Under Stjernerne På Himlen, second see the original by Tommy Seebach and finally in the third video listen to the version he son Rasmus made which became a smash hit in Denmark.

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