Worst dressed act? Eye Cue wins Barbara Dex award

Were they really the worst dressed act this year? The fans have spoken and yes, they were – as today they was awarded with the Bababra Dex award. It is not known which part of the two stage outfits people found worst. 

The Barbara Dex award has been awarded since 1997 to the worst dressed act of the year. It is named after Ms. Dex who represented Belgium at the Eurovision Song Contest in 1993.

According to songfestival.be, it was not a close race this year. Eye Cue were leading all the way. In the following positions we found Australia’s Jessica Mauboy (2nd), Sennek from Belgium (3rd), Vanja Radovanović representing Montenegro (4th) and finally also this year’s winner, Netta from Israel (5th).

So far, no winner has won it before, and in recent years, the prize has gone to artists who scored low at Eurovision as well, but previously that hasn’t been the case.

In 2007 Ukraine’s act Verka Serduchka came second, but won the Barbara Dex award. in 2003, t.A.T.u. won it, after a third place at the contest representing Russia. In 2012, Albania’s Rona Nishliu impressed many with her voice, but not her outfit. She returned home with a good 5th place from the Eurovision Song Contest, but was afterwards awarded as worst dressed act of the year.

Barbara Dex award winners

Year Country Artist(s) Placement
2018 FYR Macedonia Eye Cue 18th in semi-final
2017 Montenegro Slavko Kalezic 16th in semi-final
2016 Croatia Nina Kraljic 23rd
2015 The Netherlands Trijntje Oostershuis 14th in semi-final
2014 Lithuania Vilija Matačiūnaitė 11th in semi-final
2013 Serbia Moje 3 11th in semi-final
2012 Albania Rona Nishliu 5th
2011 Georgia Eldrine 9th
2010 Serbia Milan Stanković 13th
2009 Hungary Zoli Ádok 15th in semi-final
2008 Andorra Gisela 15th in semi-final
2007 Ukraine Verka Serduchka 2nd
2006 Portugal Nonstop 19th in semi-final
2005 FYR Macedonia Martin Vučić 17th
2004 Romania Sanda Ladoși 18th
2003 Russia t.A.T.u. 3rd
2002 Greece Michalis Rakintzis 17th
2001 Poland Piasek 20th
2000 Belgium Nathalie Sorce 24th
1999 Spain Lydia 23rd
1998 Germany Guildo Horn 7th
1997 Malta Debbie Scerri 9th
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