Video: Eurovision Fan Panel reward 7.8 points for Destiny’s Je Me Casse

Six Eurovision fans selected from our ‘Eurovision Fan Panel’ team up for a talk about the 2021 Maltese Eurovision entry. They give their opinion about the song, judge whether the song will qualify for the final and how many points, in the Eurovision style, they will give to the song.

The Eurovision Fan Panel will go through all 39 songs for the Eurovision Song Contest. You will see the members in various constellations. For this one you’ll meet: Jacques H. from the Netherlands, Pawel J. from Poland, now living in UK, Luke B. from Malta, Alberte B. from Denmark, Michael O. from UK – and the host, Charlotte J. from Denmark.

At the 2021 Eurovision Song Contest, Malta will be represented by Destiny and the song Je Me Casse. Music and lyrics are written by Malin Christin, Amanuel Dermont, Nicklas Eklund and Pete Barringer. Malta will perform 16th in the first semi-final.

Recent Maltese Eurovision results

  • 2020: DestinyAll Of My Love. The Eurovision Song Contest cancelled, and as such we don’t know how it would have done.
  • 2019: Michela PaceChameleon. This song finished 14th in the final after an 8th place in its semi-final.
  • 2018: Christabelle BorgTaboo. This song didn’t reach the final as it placed 13th in its semi-final.
  • 2017: Claudia FanielloBreathlessly. This song didn’t reach the final as it placed 16th in its semi-final.
  • 2016: Ira Losco Walk On Water. This song finished 12th in the final after it placed 3rd in its semi-final.
  • 2015: AmberWarrior. This song narrowly missed out of the final as it placed 11th in its semi-final.

At time of writing, Malta is top favourite with the bookmakers to win the 2021 Eurovision Song Contest. In the video below, you can watch Destiny’s 2021 entry Je Me Casse.

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