Soluna Samay nominated for two awards

“Best Danish female artist of the year” and “Best Danish pop release”. Those two awards could be going to 2012 Danish Eurovision participant Soluna Samay. The voting is open until the 27th of February.

Soluna Samay represented Denmark at the Eurovision Song Contest in 2012 with the song Should’ve Known Better. The song unfortunately finished 23rd out of 26 participants and the following album wasn’t a big succes either.

In September 2016, Soluna released the album titled Golden, and it is that release which has caused her to be nominated for two Gaffa awards. She is nominated in the categories “Best Danish female artist of the year” and “Best Danish pop release”.

The awards are given out by the major Danish music magazine Gaffa which was started in 1983, and from 2009 also released in Sweden and from 2011 in Norway.

“Golden” was made in a different style than usual, and Soluna is feeling optimistic about it. As she told about the nominations on her Facebook profile, she wrote: “This year is the year. I can feel it”.

If you want to vote for Soluna, or check out the other nominated, you can do so on Gaffa’s award page (In Danish).

In the video below you can refresh your memory, or get familar with, Soluna’s Eurovision performance from 2012:

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