Seebach musical to premiere in September 2017

The Seebach name has through decades been a big part of the Danish music industry – from father to son through the good times as well as the sad ones. Their music and their lives are now being portrayed in a musical set to premiere in September 2017. 

You can hardly find anyone in Denmark who isn’t extremely familiar with the last name Seebach and the two front people it represents, Tommy and Rasmus. Most of the teenagers will immediately think of the son Rasmus who is one of Denmark’s best-selling artists at the moment. Most above the age of 40 as well as Eurovision fans, are likely to think of his father Tommy first.

Tommy was a household name in Denmark from the last half of the ’70’s and up to his unfortunate too early death in 2003. He represented Denmark three times at the Eurovision Song Contest, in 1979, 1981 and 1993. It was the first entry Disco Tango that did best internationally as it finished sixth, but in Denmark all three songs are considered classics today together with other songs of his like Lucky Guy (1976), Apache (1977), Du’ Det Dejligste (1983), Pyjamas For To (1984) and Du Skælder Mig Hele Tiden Ud. The latter being a duet with Anette Heick from 1989.

Denmark was in shock in March 2003 when the announcement of his early death hit the news. He collapsed on his way to work, and died on the way to the hospital, 53 years old. A long time alcohol abuse is the most likely cause.

Where Tommy had left, his son Rasmus continued. He released the single Engel in 2009 which went on to become a gigantic hit. In fact, almost everything he released so far has been a success.

New Seebach musical

In 2010 the film Tommy was released. That was a documentary made over Tommy Seebach’s life where family, friends and colleagues from the music industry contributed. It was first aired in the cinema in its original length and later a shorter version hit the TV screens as well as a DVD release. A book and a box containing all Tommy’s work was also released.

Today, Fredericia Theater released information about a new musical which they will premiere in September. The musical is titled Seebach and promises to tell “the family history through all the big hits”.

Seebach is the story about one of the most significant families within Danish pop music. About father and son – Tommy and Rasmus. About good times and bad times. About the easy genre and its heavy backside in relation to life, death, love – and not least – the music that frames it all. It is a story about popularity and criticism. About the game and the seriousness. About dreams and defeats. About meeting and separating. About being your own, and the heritage which will always follow us.

Join us on a travel of the last 50 years of Danish music history: From the 1960’s rock to three decades of Melodi Grand Prix winners, and especially to the top of our day charts. From the stage light on the big scenes to the darkest edges of the life behind them.

Fredericia Teater about the Seebach musical.

Fredericia Theater will run the musical from late September 2017 however in the summer of 2018 it will be moved to Copenhagen.

In the video below you can see a video of the Danish 1993 entry Under Stjernerne På Himlen. It is a mix of Tommy’s original Eurovision version and a newer TV recording of Rasmus singing the same song:

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