Jessika feat. Jenifer Brening – Who We Are (First and second rehearsal, interview and gallery)

The robots from 1in360 were not forgotten and are the main highlight of San Marino’s performance this year. They may not go anywhere this year but surely know how to entertain the audience, especially Eurovision fans.

San Marino is competing in the second semi-final in position number 4. The country is represented by Jessika feat. Jenifer Brening and their song Who We Are, which is written by Mathias Strasser, Christof Straub, Lorenzo Salvatori and 2016 Austrian representative Zoë Straub.


Second rehearsal

Pedro, Portugal (in the press center) – I think it’s safe to say San Marino may not go anywhere but surely has won the fans over. In this rehearsal, the robots were holding different messages compared to last time and one even said “Justice for Valentina” which made everyone applaud and scream in the press center. It’s a shame general Eurovision fans won’t understand the joke but we do and it felt good. I still think Jessika has some work to do vocally and with this performance, the microstate will not see the final once again.

Josef, Czech Republic (in the arena)San Marino joined forces of Malta and Germany in the duo of Jess and Jenn, how they are known among the fans. Modern song with a rap parts is definitely something fresh and the four robots on the stage give to the performance a futuristic look. One of them was unfortunately a rebel and didn’t talk with the others. As it may be one of the best songs from San Marino, I think that this year won’t be the year when we see San Marino in the final for the second time.

Complete the sentence

First Rehearsal

If you have already dismissed this as not qualifying think again. The two J’s have been rehearsing hard and received a rousing reception in the Press Arena. Jessika starts of the song upfront on stage in a black cape. There are unexpected dancers helping the song along but the real stars are yet to appear.

No not rapper Jeni B in her bright red jacket, or the excellent backing singers, who we assume includes Basti from the San Marino final, but a collection of cute robots. The cuddly threesome all dance along to the song, while a fourth robot has a lot more attitude. With slogans like I Am Not Your Robot and Will You Marry Me, San Marino are looking for a place in the final with a memorable performance. And is attitude robot giving us a middle finger?

Lets not also forget that the song is calling out bullying and sends a strong message but with a catchy danceable tune. The girls join hands at the end making the love you, heart shape.

How Jessika feat. Jenifer Brening were selected

San Marino’s new format 1in360 was new to the Eurovision world, and also a bit complicated to follow with rules being changed as they went along. More than 1000 participants from all over the word was submitted online. 11 of them was chosen for a national selection which consisted of three shows with all 11 performing in each show.

In the final, on the 3rd of March, the jury gave their 12 points to Malta’s Franklin Calleja while Jessika feat. Jenifer Brening got the 12 points awarded through crowdfunding votes, where the artists could pay themselves, or get followers to pay, a certain amount to get 12 points. Franklin only raised money for five points and as such the Maltese/German duo Jessika and Jenifer Brening won the selection. Austria’s Sara de Blue came second. She also got 12 points through crowdfunding.

San Marino at the Eurovision Song Contest

Back in 2008 San Marino joined the world of Eurovision when the band Miodia represented them with the song Complice. The failed to reach the final, and in the following two years, the country didn’t take part.

Since 2011, San Marino has been a regular participant, but they have struggled a lot. They have four times been represented by Valentina Monetta, and despite her love for the contest and its fans, she only managed to reach the final once, in 2014 with the song Maybe.

In the years that followed the country never again managed to qualify for the final, and thus they are one of the least successful Eurovision countries.

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