The postcards from the second semi final revealed

With the second semi final dress rehearsals taking place this afternoon, we got a first glimpse of the remaining countries postcards, which will introduce each song.

All the postcards begin with the acts looking longingly into the camera, and end with them heading towards the stage.


Tijana is jogging in the woods. She is dreaming of spending money in an expensive bag shop. She pauses exhausted. After a breath, she is singing at a club, before enjoying some red wine and strumming to a guitar. She finds the strength to finish her jog.


A shot of Nathan, as a cute little boy opens the postcard, but as Nathan is now grown, is he hanging with the wrong crowd. Here he is skateboarding and cycling around town, all very well, but then he is seen spray painting a wall and creating graffiti. He ends the postcard by singing into the spray paint can.

FYR of Macedonia

Jana is off to the fair, hanging around the wooden horses. She is then seen singing in a studio, but before long she is back at the fairground. Later in the day, she is seen shopping for baby clothes. Is there a  reason. She likes the boy’s baby coats.


Claudia is out sight-seeing around Malta – the Eurovision island. It’s not all resting though as she heads to the studio for a dance. However the beauty of Malta beckons her back, as after hanging around on the rocks, she heads down to the beach, ending with crashing waves.


The couple are seen checking into a nice fancy hotel in Kyiv. After seeing the luxurious rooms, both lie down for some shut eye. However beautiful Kyiv beckons and soon they are out on a bicycle made for two, looking at the river and it’s bridges.

The Netherlands

What else for the girls but a sisterly day out shopping. Into the clothes shops they go, trying on hats, coats and shoes. After a few poses for the cameras, they fill up their bags, but wait hold on, you need to pay for them first. Credit cards out, designer bags filled, the group leave the shop.


Hungary are so lucky to have the Chain Bridge for its postcard. Of course Joci is going to film there. It looks as if he is waving his family goodbye for the day, as he takes a walk along by the Danube river bank. He has his guitar and the implication is that he is of for a day’s busking.


Anja is on a couch listening to music. Could it be Soldiers Of Love, and she’s learning what to do to qualify this year. Soon she is out with her large white dog, for a walk in the park. She is seen doing somersaults and then taking part in some yoga. Who knew Anja was so flexible. The day ends with a trip into the city. Take your guesses if it is Copenhagen


Brendan is out looking at the city, and there’s no beaches like in Malta. A hair cut is needed which brings on a smile. He’s stomping his feet, itching for a game of fooseball. He wins. Of for a busk in Dublin, before spending the night at a real football field. What a day.

San Marino

A spring walk among the daffodils opens the postcard. The duo is hanging around the train station. Watching them, is of all people, Spiderman, and plenty other movie characters. Of course they’re heading to the disco. Afterwards they are hanging around in the village, waving and singing.


Jacques is standing in the square in front of a large orange ball. Soon he is in the cafe, after a coffee he feels the need to stand arms spread. After a walk he seems happy to be stalked by fans. He escapes on the funicular and heads to the eggs. Of course he finds one shaped like a heart. My friend.


The pair pose together. They are in a bar, but instead of drinking they are dancing. The other customers push them out-of-the-way, so they head out to the country. More posing on a wooden bench. You can see the farm and the cottages, and nothing better than a good old country meal.


The trio are standing in the centre of the town square. The Swiss flag is shown. They are still standing in the town. This apparently tires them out, so they need to go for a sleep on a couch. Time for packing ,after they wake up, and after arriving in a fancy Kyiv hotel, they can go for more rest.


There is a castle in the background. The happiest people in the world are sitting in front of it. Hiyaya Ho Hey Hey. Out comes the guitar and time allows for some skateboarding. They are up a hill and dancing is a must. Out to an intimate club for yet more Hiyay ya Ho Hey. No one gets out alive without a smile.


There are fountains and it is spring,. Every one is happy.Kristain gets licked by a small dog. Meanwhile back home, a group of friends are secretly baking a 17th birthday cake for the youngster. Kristian gets on his skateboard to show up for his music video shoot Then surprise, surprise, time to blow out the candles. Let’s celebrate with a dance.


The pair is just randomly sitting out in a square in the middle of nowhere. Suddenly Viktorija realises she needs to get her red dress made. After a visit to the tailors, its time for a sing along, The pair do a live concert, and after it’s over, someone is in trouble, as the dress has turned white. Yeah Yeah.


Laura is enjoying a day in the forest, by a lake, while Koit enjoys a game of tennis. Where else to meet, but up in a plane. After the duo jump out, they celebrate with a white wine. The video ends with them being eaten by the children of the corn.


Of course Imri is out exercising. First a jog along Freedom Bridge, followed by some push ups and skipping. A view of a piano follows and then it is time to get fueled up on drinks.


Alma is such a quiet soul, she prefers staying home having some tea and catching up on her diary. An elegant piano leads to a fancy palace. Alma is dreaming just like Belle,and is soon back to the diary. After a day out with friends, Alma heads home, which is an apartment right under the Eiffel Tower.


More walks out in the fields. Maybe that’s where singers practice, as soon Levina is performing in a club. Levina heads to Kyiv, but some naughty air steward wakes her up, while she’s enjoying some rest. On to the bus and before long Levina is in Ukraine and ready for the Eurovision stage.


Surely some mistake as the band are smiling and enjoying themselves. Walking around an old yard, they find a random car, that they can pose with. A game of basket ball follows. There is also the customary skateboard shot. The lead singer then spends some happy paternal moments with his lovely daughter.

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