Missed the final twice in three years – how does Greece move on?

Greece, one of the previous so powerful countries at the contest, is facing a “Eurovision crisis”. Missing the final twice in the past three years, it’s time for the Greeks to wonder about what went wrong, and what they can do in the near future to bring their country back to the game.

The Mediterranean country made it’s debut to the contest back in 1974. Since then, Greece has enjoyed massive success with remarkable Top 10 and Top 5 placings. Also, Helena Paparizou made the country “Number One” all over the Europe by bringing the trophy back home in 2005.

However, it is clear that something has been missing in the past few years. The country is suddenly struggling, and they need to get back on track quickly to remain a country you can count on to deliver.

So, that’s how you bring Greece back to Eurovision glory!

Step one: Believe in it (Yes as Alexander says). Eurovision is such a famous TV show throughout the year and almost everyone watches it in Greece. It can bring a lot of benefits for the national broadcaster, ERT.

But ERT needs to pay more attention to it’s selection process. Basically, they must take the contest seriously again. How can they do that? It’s easy! By making an open call to all types of artists, from the younger to the older ones, who will be free to submit their songs. Then a well-organized national final to be held with the public having the rights to choose the proper song and the artist who will represent the country on the big Eurovision stage.

Step two: Just roll with it! (Nahh, just kidding, Alex just get out of my mind!). So, step two: A song always needs the best possible promotion.

In the last few years, Greece did literally nothing to promote their song across Europe. It’s time for ERT and the record labels to allocate money onto that purpose – don’t expect the artists to pay themselves if they want promotion. Attending some of the Eurovision pre-parties will be a good idea. In that way, people will feel closer to the song, and they will have the chance to meet the artist and find out more about him/her. Another idea is to give a number of interviews on local and world media. In that way, you will keep the interest and all the buzz around your entry.

Step Three: Key word is work. All that matters, not only in Eurovision, but in life in generally, is work. Starting with the right clothing and ending with the right staging, all needs to be done properly and in the right time. Experienced and talented people will be needed to ensure things that can lift up a performance so badly that it can slay on stage.

To sum up, the country is actually living a “Greek tragedy” as bad results continues to come one after another. Greece is currently lost in Eurovision bottom. But, with lot of efforts and team work, the spirit and the results can be found again.

In the video below you can see clips from Yianna Terzi hearsing her Eurovision entry Oniro Mou, which finished 14th in the first semi-final no where near the 10 qualifiers.

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