Latvia’s Supernova 2018 sends the final two acts to the final

The third heat of Latvia’s Supernova 2018 took place tonight with the final two acts being selected for next week’s final.

Tonight’s Supernova was the most difficult to qualify from, with all seven performances good enough to go to the final. In the end, the choices were made, leaving seven singers and songs in the final. The winner will represent Latvia at the Eurovision Song Contest 2018 in May, in Lisbon.

The Hosts

As in the last two weeks, Justs Sirmais and model and Latvian TV star, Dagmara Legante hosted the show. The green room was hosted, again by Toms Grēviņš. A quick recap of the five previously qualified finalists opened the show.

The Songs

Jenny May – Soledad

What better way to start a show than an up-tempo Spanish flavoured song. The comparisons to Despacito can’t be ignored, but Jenny May held her own. The fiesta and party nature of the song would make it a good one to dance to at Euro club. Jenny was all tied up in a rope to begin with, but fought herself free. Two female dancers added to the visuals.

Ed Rallidae – What I Had with You

Since the start of the Supernova, only Aminata songs have sent Latvia into the grand final of Eurovision. Lithuania has already dismissed two Aminata songs, so it’s back to her homeland that she tries again. This has the same electronic backing that we’re used to, but it’s a much darker and different song. Ed’s powerful low vocals give the song a powerful presence. If you were wondering what happened to Sergey’s wings, he has lent them to Ed. Another potential finalist.

Katrine Lukins – Running Red Lights

This is the most modern and obviously chart-friendly song in the competition. Katrine has come on a million miles since her last appearance in the Supernova and has her heart set on making the final. Again another great performance that Latvia would be foolish to ignore. Katrine wore a bright red coat and short-ish black dress. She was accompanied by two female dancers.

Lauris Valters – Lovers Bliss

Lauris’s song dedicated to his wife is a happy upbeat number. With a heavy breathing four piece backing group and Lauris clicking on his fingers, this song is a change from love song mush. The catchy feel-good rhythm of the song matched Jenny’s party vibes and again would make a respectable Latvian entry.


A slow piano starts the song and the vocals can be compared with last weeks MADARA entry. The cello also draws similar comparisons, but the violins give it a unique style. This is another well-sung heartfelt ballad. Every note is ached out of MIONIA’s performance. MIONIA started the song at the piano, before taking the stage in her red dress. By now choosing two finalists has become an impossible task.

Kris & Oz – Morning Flight

This slow-paced dramatic song by the trio, Kris and Oz is another good entry. Kris has a voice at times similar to Amy Winehouse, and is pitch perfect. While this song may be missing that X-Factor moment compared to the other six, it is still a worthy qualifier.

Laura Rizzotto – Funny Girl

Is this going to be a case of leaving the best till last? This highly polished James Bond type song was sung perfectly. Suggestions have been made already that this song is great for a movie soundtrack. Red is Latvia’s colour this year, as Laura wore a blood red long dress. A great way to end the semi-finals.

The Results

A mix of jury and Latvian public picked the two artists to go to the final. They picked Lauris Valters and Laura Rizzotto.

Latvia At The Eurovision Song Contest

Despite their excellent debut and win in 2002, Latvia’s history at Eurovision has been a little thorny. Out of eighteen entries, eight of them failed to make the final. The first time they stalled in the semis was in 2004 with Fomins and Kleins and the song Dziesma par laimi. How many of you can remember that one? The years 2009-2014 left Latvia out of the finals for six years. Three times they came last in their respective semis. In 2014 they came closest to qualifying when Cake To Bake placed 13th for Aarzemnieki. Unfortunately, Triana Park and Line returned Latvia to their familiar last place, last year.

Here’s Laura’s video for Funny Girl.

Source: LTV
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