Latvia 2018: Meet 5 of the artists as Supernova moves to Saturday starting February 3

Latvian TV (LTV) have confirmed that the Supernova is moving to a Saturday. For the past three years, the Latvian Supernova has been broadcast on a Sunday.

Yesterday the artists met for a discussion with the producers and choreographers. Many revealed on their Facebook pages that they would be appearing in the first semi-final on February 3.

Twenty-one acts are challenging for the title, eight females, eight groups or duos, and five male artists. EuroVisionary contacted all the acts and asked them to tell us about their songs and what was the inspiration behind them.

Many of the acts have longer stories which we have published in the past. There are a few more to come in the future. However, below you can read some of the stories from the artists who sum up the meaning of their songs in one or two sentences.

Kris & Oz

Morning Flight written by Artūrs Osipovs, Kristīne Morina, Kristīne Sisējeva and Aleksandrs Solovjovs. The male female duo, of Kristīne and Osipovs will perform their own song about the grand escape. The song is about escaping negative energy from bad vibes, whether it is something or someone who is making you unhappy. The ballad advises you should run to people who are kind and happy.


1000 Roses written by Monta herself. The song is an inner talk with herself, which results in inspiration that surrounds Monta with the scent of roses. Monta has certainly captured that mood as the song and her voice are as warm and pure as that of a scented candle. This is a perfect warmer for upcoming winter nights. Beautiful.

Katrine Lukins

Running Red Lights written by Katrine with Andris Lūkin and Kaspars Ansons. This is another powerful song gaining a lot of fan support. Katrine was in the Supernova 2017 with the song Silhouette. Unbelievably Katrine finished last in the second heat. This year, Katrine is back with a song which means a lot to her. The song is more emotional as Katrine was going through a hard time in her life when she wrote it. Running Red Lights has a more modern sound than last years song and Katrine promises that she will show more of herself in the 2018 Supernova.

Rahu The Fool

Oh Longriver written by Pēteris Narubins and Rahu the Fool. Rahu wrote the song while enjoying a bottle of Scotch and are looking forward to crossing paths with many Eurovision fans, provided they are willing to share the bottle.  Let’s hope the whiskey is put down long enough for Rahu to remember their date with Supernova 2018.

Katrīna Gupalo and The Blackbirds

Intoxicating Caramel written by Katrīna Gupalo. Katrīna will perform her self penned song, backed by the Blackbirds. Katrīna describes the song as a form of art pop style. The artist’s creative ideas break down boundaries giving freedom to integrate different genres.

Tune in to the Supernova to see if one of these artists will be chosen to represent Latvia at the Eurovision Song Contest 2018. If the Supernova follows the past formula with two heats and a semi-final, the final will be held on February 24.

Source: LTV, Kris & Oz, Rahu The Fool, Monta, Katrīna Gupalo and The Blackbirds, Eurovisonary. LTV Latvia, Supernova, Katrine Lukins
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