Latvia 2018: Female trio Hypnotic get together to Pray for World Peace

The fragile situation in certain countries of the world, brought female trio Hypnotic from Latvia together to Pray for World Peace.

Pray is one of the 21 competing songs in Latvia’s Supernova, which starts on February 3 2018. The group hope the song will touch a nerve and inspire people to vote for it.

The band told EuroVisionary that the song speaks of love for everyone. They understand the plea for world peace is very sensitive. Observing horrifying incidents all around them, the ladies believe that only by starting to fix things ourselves, can a change be made.

Hypnotic continue that we have to pray for harmony to make the future a little brighter for our children. They believe people should not be sorted by race, religion, country – everyone is a human being after all.

About Hypnotic

Gita Ceilerte, Beatrice Heislere and Sabine Geiba make up the band. The group have been together since autumn 2016. All of them have been laureates of international singing contests in Latvia, and throughout Europe. They decided to unite as three strong independent women, to form one dynamic and high-powered trio.

Below you can watch the newly released video and listen to the track.

Source: Hypnotic
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