Latvia 2018: Edgars Kreilis – the serious story behind Younger Days

On December 6, Latvian TV, announced the twenty one songs that will feature in Supernova 2018. EuroVisionary has been chatting to the acts to discover the meaning behind their songs.

Today we reveal the dark story behind the jaunty pop entry from Edgars Kreilis and his song Younger Days. Edgars appeared in last years Supernova with the song We Are Angels. Unfortunately, Edgars placed eighth in his heat and was eliminated. However, Younger Days has been appearing on fans top ten lists this year. The upbeat song seem to be about having fun as a child but there is more behind the song than what first appears.

Edgars wrote the song based on his childhood memories. He mentions his sister and friends in the song. They were, as a child, his escape from fear, pain and negativity, listening to midnight fights.

Edgars, now a father of three young daughters, reveals that he was brought up in a family where his parents didn’t get along. He acknowledges that today many children live in similar environments.

The song conveys the message that children need to try to stop a negative home environment from affecting their life. They should try to build their life in the way they want it to be. His wish is to make parents aware, that violence in families, scars children’s hearts, and his biggest wish is to make it stop. The song’s message is a plea for a brighter future for all children.

Below you can watch and listen to the lyric video of the song, and feel free to leave your comments about it.

Source: Edgar Krielis
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