Latvia 2016: Supernova full results revealed

LVT, the Latvian broadcaster have revealed in detail, the public voting for the four rounds of the Supenova. Whilst it had always been assumed that Justs was the likely winner, the voting patterns reveals that his win in Latvia was not by the greatest margin. Viewers were able to vote online and by SMS.

In week one, Justs won the on-line and  televoting by a clear margin. The jury sent through the public’s third and fourth choices to the semi final.

 Week One  February 7 2016 On-Line  Televoting  Total
Justs Heartbeat 2,465 2,715 5,180
Catalepsia Damnation 831 1,505 2,336
Ivo Grīsniņš Grīslis We Are the Light 649 1,206 1,855
Marta Grigale Choices 582 898 1,480
Samanta Tina We Live For Love 443 1,003 1,446
ElectroFolk Miracle Drums 223 556 779
Edvards Grieze New Day 199 288 487
Rūta Dūduma Being a Friend 77 232 309
Sabīne Berezina My Inspiration 72 224 296
Paula Dukure Look in the Mirror 40 124 164

Week two saw Marcus Riva win both the on-line and televoting, while MyRadiantU and Samanta Tina had the on-line and televoting scores reversed. Nonetheless the top 4 public favourites were sent to the semi final.

 Week Two February 14 2016 On-line Televoting Total
Markus Riva I Can 1,145 1,131 2,276
MyRadiantU We Will Be Stars 1,092 888 1,980
Samanta Tina The Love Is Forever 571 1,029 1,600
Marta Ritova Not From This World” 642 863 1,505
Dvines Set It on Fire 674 720 1,394
Mārtiņš Ruskis Still Holding Stars 223 798 1,021
Iluta Alsberga On Hold 418 537 955
Crow Mother Demons 236 368 604
Miks Dukurs Paradise 279 251 530
Madara Grēgere You and I 152 259 411

In the third week, the top two public voted songs went through to the final, but the jury chose to ignore the public’s third favourite, sending Markus Riva home and keeping  Marta Ritova instead. The juries choices from week one, did not go down well with the public and came bottom of the third week table. Samanta Tina withdrew herself from the competition.

Week 3 Semi Final February 21 2106 On-lIne Televoting Total
Justs Heartbeat 3,084 2,316 5,400
Catalepsia Damnation 1,284 2,101 3,385
Markus Riva I Can 1,212 1,697 2,909
MyRadiantU We Will Be Stars 1,311 1,580 2,891
Marta Ritova Not From This World 944 1,538 2,482
Ivo Grīsniņš Grīslis We Are the Light 518 711 1,229
Marta Grigale Choices 336 525 861

In the final week, which sent Justs to Sweden, Catalepsia won the televoting but were beaten by on-line voting. At first glance it would appear that an international public sent Justs to the Eurovision Song Contest, but it has since been confirmed by LTV, that it was free for the Latvian public to vote on-line and many did.

Final February 28 2016 On-line Televoting Total
Justs Heartbeat 8,995 11,730 20,725
Catalepsia Damnation 5,393 13,521 18,914
MyRadiantU We Will Be Stars 2,432 4,219 6,651
Marta Ritova Not From This World 1,869 3,172 5,041

Latvia will perform in the first half of the second semi final with Australia, Belarus, Ireland, Israel, Lithuania, Macedonia, Poland, Serbia and Switzerland.

Latvia In The Eurovision Song Contest

Latvia has participated in the Eurovision Song Contest, sixteen times, debuting in 2000, to a third place finish with Brainstorm and My Star. The following year they dropped to 18th place with Arnis Mednis and Too Much, which made them ineligible for the 2002 contest. However Portugal did not want to participate that year, so the slot was offered to Latvia, who accepted and sent Marie N with I Wanna, and they went and took first place.

From then on, it’s been a  bumpy ride for Latvia falling to 24th place with F.L.Y and Hello From Mars, in the year they hosted (2003), then failing to qualify the next year, but returning to 5th place in 2005 with Walters and Kazha and The War Is Not Over. In the subsequent years they received a 12th and two 16th places, before failing to qualify for six years in a row. Aminata fixed that in 2015 by placing 6th with Love Injected.

Latvia have performed 13 of their entries in English, and one time each in Latvian, Russian and Italian.

Below enjoy the highlights of Latvia’s recent contenders.

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