What we know so far about Austria’s Cesár Sampson

Austria’s broadcaster, yesterday officially announced Cesár Sampson will be the country’s representative at next year’s Eurovision Song Contest. Cesár is not a stranger to the Eurovision stage, as this will mark his third time in a row stepping on it.

The singer has been part of the Bulgarian team twice helping them to achieve the country’s best results so far.

He helped Bulgaria rank #4 at the 2016 Eurovision Song Contest giving the country its best result until when in 2017, he elevated the standards by helping Kristian Kostov achieve the second place in the competition. If this is indeed a trend, Austria may end up as the winner of next year’s Eurovision.

Cesár is not only expected to bring a phenomenal song to the Eurovision stage as he has worked countless times as a producer, but he will certainly bring in the looks as well, as modelling is just another talent. Leaving the arts world behind, Sampson has also worked as a physical therapist where he supported people with disabilities and handicaps.

Being internally selected by Austria’s broadcaster – ORF – and working mostly in the background of productions, there’s not a lot of material from Cesár available but that should change as Eurovision comes closer. In fact, his entry should be released by the beginning of 2018 according to Eurovision.tv.

Despite the lack of published material, one shouldn’t have to worry if Cesár is good enough or not, according to Kathrin Zechkner, ORF’s Television Director: “Cesár is rhythm, he is a child of humanity, he is a voice! Cesár lives and breathes music and is an empathic artist! He understands how to use his voice, as a singer and as a human being. (…) He is equally authentic and unique, just an outstanding Austrian artist, who is sure to make our country proud in Lisbon.”

Nathan Trent – Austria’s 2017 representative – is also sure Cesár is a good choice: “You‘re gonna do great bro!”, he posted on his social media.

Austria finished at number 16 in this year’s Eurovision Song Contest grabbing null points from the public. Enjoy Nathan’s performance of Running On Air, below.

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