Kasia Moś will fly for Poland to Kyiv

Tonight, the country’s national broadcaster held the 2017 Polish Eurovision national final, Krajowe Eliminacje, in order to select its entry and act for Kyiv. The selection was won by Kasia Moś, who will sing Flashlight representing the country in the Eurovision Song Contest this May.

Ten acts competed in tonight’s Polish national final and saw guest performances from Oliwia Wieczorek and Michał Szpak.

The Songs

1. Martin Fitch Fight For Us

Martin is on the centre of the stage and he has three backing vocalists with him.He represented Poland in 2010, and this year his song is a contemporary track and certainly a good way to start the show.

2. LanberryOnly Human

Only Human is a radio-friendly song and Landberry is accompained by three dancers and two backing vocalists. They deliver an entertaining performance. However, not really sure if the song is catchy enough to do well at Eurovision.

3. Isabell Otrębus-LarssonVoiceless

This is definitely a song taken from Melodifestivalen. The Swedish involvement is clear in this song, as the Eurovision veteran Frederik Kempe wrote the song. It is very fresh and current and Isabell has a strong voice that can easily get the juries and the public excited.

4. PaullaChcę Tam Z Tobą Być

The thing that this is the only song in Polish language can certainly help Paulla. Her perfomance is simple, with a band behind her and two female backing vocalists. She wears a white dress and sings her R&B ballad with a lot of passion.

5. Olaf BressaYou Look Good

Olaf tries his best with his up-tempo song that has a lot of funky elements. He is accompanied by four female dancers that really try to save this performance.

6. Kasia Moś Flashlight

Her performance is definitely different from we have already seen. The stage is dark with a black and white background. This type of mystery songs is not common at Eurovision, but Kasia is a stellar performer and she delivers a great performance with strong vocals. The crowd seem to really like her and give her a big applause.

7. Aneta SablikUlalala

Aneta seems very comfortable on the stage and she is really enjoying her performance. She is accompanied by two female dancers and two backing vocals.However, her song is a little bit too repetitve and definitely something everyone has already heard before.

8. Rafał BrzozowskiSky Over Europe

This is something completely different. Rafal is playing the piano and he has a band with him. He is talking about milk and honey in a song way more melodramatic and sweet than everyone was expecting. This a ballad that hardly can stand out.

9. Carmell Faces

This is a ver atmospheric entry and Carmell delivers great vocals. She has flowers on her hair and she wears a black dress. She is accompanied by three female backing vocalists and all together give a great performance.

10. Agata Nizińska Reason

This is a classical ballad entry. She has a great voice and she know how to deliver a unique performance. She is dressed in total white and she has with her a band of musicians and two female vocalists.

The Show

The show was hosted by Arthur Horzech and the winner was chosen via a combined 50% televote and 50% jury vote.

The 2017 Polish Eurovision national final jury consisted of the following five members:

  • Alicja Węgorzewska
  • Maria Sadowska
  • Robert Janowski
  • Włodek Pawlik
  • Krzesimir Dębski

The show opened Oliwia Wieczorek with Nie Zapomnij, who represented Poland in the Junior Eurovision Song Contest in 2016. After the fourth performance, we saw a video of previous Eurovision stars who became worldwide famous, such as ABBA and Celine Dion. After all the performances, the Polish star Doda takes the stage to perform a medley of some of the most famous Eurovision winning songs. Then, Michał Szpak, who represented Poland in the Eurovision Song Contest last year sang his entry Color Of Your Life.

The Results

The Juries’ winner was Kasia Mos and even though she did not come first on televoting she won with 19 points and will represent Poland in Eurovision Song Contest 2017.

The detailed results:

Draw Artist Song (English translation) Composer(s) Jury Televote Total Place
1 Martin Fitch “Fight for Us” Marcin Mroziński, Sean Kennedy 6 2 8 7
2 Lanberry “Only Human” Lanberry, Piotr Siejka, Sarah Reeve 3 5 8 6
3 Isabell Otrębus-Larsson “Voiceless” David Kreuger, Fredrik Kempe 9 6 15 4
4 Paulla “Chcę tam z Tobą być” (I want to be there with you) Michał Kacprzak 4 3 7 8
5 Olaf Bressa “You Look Good” Ashley Hicklin, Rufus Hamsen, Farchard Samadzada 1 1 2 10
6 Kasia Moś “Flashlight” Kasia Moś, Pete Baringger, Rickard Bonde Truumeel 10 9 19 1
7 Aneta Sablik “Ulalala” Aneta Sablik, Kevin Zuber, Maciej Puchalski, Heavynn Gates 2 4 6 9
8 Rafał Brzozowski “Sky Over Europe” Marcin Dutkiewicz, Marcin Kindla 8 8 16 2
9 Carmell “Faces” Małgorzata Bernatowicz, Marcin Kurczarski, Paweł Jurczak 5 10 15 3
10 Agata Nizińska “Reason” Allan Rich, Jud Friedman, Marcin Kindla 7 7 14 5

Poland’s debut in the contest in 1994 remains its most successful entry, with Edyta Górniak and To Nie Ja! placing second. After this, Poland has only managed to reach the top ten in 2003 with Ich Troje and Keine Grenzen-Żadnych Granic and in 2016 with Michał Szpak, who came eighth.

After three years of not qualifying to the Grand Final in 2009, 2010, 2011, Poland decided to withdraw from the contest for two years. In 2014, Poland returned with Donatan and Cleo, finishing fourteenth and, since then, Poland has had a 100% record of getting through to the Final.

Below you can watch Kasia Mos performing the Polish entry in the upcoming Eurovision Song Contest, in Krajowe Eliminacje:

Source: EuroVisionary, TVP
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