Update: Israel decided just to change their original 2016 Eurovision entry a bit

Updated article: Hovi Star who won Rising Star for Eurovision 2016 with the song Made Of Stars. After looking into if it was the right song for Israel this year, they decided to keep it, but in a changed version which isn’t yet available.

Updated: Israel Today now reports that Hovi Star will sing his own winning song Made Of Stars in Stockholm, but that changes will be made to the song to make it more suitable.

Our original article from the 6th of March 2016 at 13.20 CET follows below:

Following mixed reviews that Made of Stars received since Hovi Star won Rising Star for Eurovision last Thursday, an online petition was set up calling to change the song. According to Israel Today newspaper, this led Hovi to consider changing the song and he is currently recording his own version of Somebody Out There which was preformed by Ella Daniel in the Israeli nation final.

If everybody involved is satisfied with the results, he will instead perform Somebody Out There in Stockholm in May. Doron Madaly who wrote Made of Stars and also wrote Israel’s last entry Golden Boy has given his approval to this possible change. The Head of Delegations meet next Saturday where the countries need to submit their entries to the European Broadcasting Union so any change of song needs to happen rather soon.

Another country also looking into the possibility of changing the selected song is Malta where national winner Ira Losco has been recording new songs in order to find the right song for the 2016 Eurovision Song Contest.

While waiting to find out which song will represent Israel at this year’s Eurovision Song Contest, please take a look at our video with Israel’s recent Eurovision Song Contest highlights. We digged into the achieves to find good clips from various concerts as well as the Eurovision Song Contest itself to present you with something you might not have seen before.

Source: Israel Today
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