Insieme: 1992 – 30 years ago today Toto Cutugno and Italy won Eurovision

Political or not, Toto Cutugno delivered a great performance at the 1990 Eurovision Song Contest. It came as quite a surprise, when he secured Italy their second and so far, last Eurovision victory. It didn’t go down entirely without controversy though.

Italian broadcaster had internally selected their entry for the 1990 Eurovision Song Contest. The title of the entry Insieme: 1992 translates to “Together 1992”. It refers to the European Union, who with the Maastricht treaty in 1992 would establish a closer relationship. Some might say that it’s too political, but let’s look aside that here. Toto Cugugno had a strong and powerful song, and he delivered a just as powerful performance. It was quite simple, as most performances were back then, but facial expression and hand gesture shows his engagement.

No points from United Kingdom and Norway

Some might also call it strategical voting as Italy that year year didn’t reward the the favourites from Ireland and France any points at all. In return, they received 12 points from Ireland and 4 from France. It wasn’t just Ireland that gave Italy the maximum 12 points. Cyprus and Spain did the same while another four countries; Greece, Luxembourg, Portugal and Sweden handed them their with 10 points.

In total, Italy received points from 19 of their 21 other countries. Only United Kingdom and Norway failed to see the charm in Insieme: 1992.

Embedded below you find the Italian 1990 entry Insieme: 1992.

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