First look: What is RTP’s new Eurovision documentary about?

EuroVisionary were invited to watch a new two-episodes documentary made about Salvador Sobral’s Eurovision victory, before, during and after. 53 years after their Eurovision debut, Portugal finally won the contest for the first time in 2017. Watch the first episode of the documentary tonight.

“Sem Fazer Planos Do que Virá Depois”, one of Amar Pelos Dois verses, is the name of the 2 episodes documentary. It tells all the secrets behind the last participation of Portugal in the contest, with exclusive interviews with Salvador Sobral, Luísa Sobral (his sister and the composer of his song), some members of this year’s Portuguese delegation, historical singers of Festival da Canção and, obviously, some Portuguese fans who traveled to Kyiv in order to support Salvador, last May.

The first episode, which will air tonight on RTP, at 9pm local time (22:00 CET), shows the private side of the preparation of the last edition of Festival da Canção, after the 2016 withdrawal from Eurovision, in order to rethink their participation in the international contest. It tells us how RTP planned their returning, how composers were invited, what method Luísa Sobral used to compose her song and it also shows how Amar pelos Dois emerged from all the other competing songs, with exclusive images of the rehearsals and of the reactions from the other artists to the winning song.

Finally, the second and last episode, airing tomorrow on RTP at 9pm too (local time), shows exclusive videos and interviews about the two weeks in Kyiv. Some secrets of what happened behind the curtain are revealed, as well as all the impressions felt by the Portuguese delegation, while watching their country finally winning the contest for the first time ever.

Made by Nuno Galopim and Miguel Pimenta, this documentary will truly pleasure all the Portuguese Eurovision fans and all the worldwide supporters of Salvador, as this documentary is planned to be released abroad soon, in an English version. Therefore, this storytelling already promises to be a thing to watch again, again and again… as it represents a mark on both RTP and Portuguese music histories.

Below you can watch the trailer of the documentary, as it has been presented on Portuguese television.

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