Former Eurovision participants in the running – Festival da Canção 2018 acts presented

Who will represent Portugal on home field at this year’s Eurovision Song Contest? Today, the acts for the 2018 Festival da Canção were presented. Expectations and ambitions are high in Portugal after last year’s victory.

While keeping most focus on the production of the Eurovision Song Contest that will be held in Lisbon this year, broadcaster RTP is not forgetting its national selection. Back in October 2017, the country announced when, where and which songwriters that were to take part in this year’s Festival da Canção. They have set expectations high with an impressive and wide selection of genres and composers.

Today, the broadcaster has officially unveiled in a press conference who is actually going to take the stage within a month, when the country’s national selection begin with its first semi-final. The 26 composers – and their chosen singer can be found in the list below along with the respective semifinal:

Song title (semifinal) Performer Composer
A Mensageira (2) Susana Travassos Aline Frazão
O Voo das Cegonhas (2) Lili Armando Teixeira
Zero a Zero (1) Joana Espadim Benjamim
All Over Again (2) Sequin Bruno Cardoso
Sobre Nós (2) Tamin Capicua
Só Por Ela (1) Peu Madureira Diogo Clemente
Canção do Fim (2) Diogo Piçarra Diogo Piçarra
Amor Veloz (2) David Pessoa Francisco Rebelo
Para te Dar Abrigo (1) Anabela (ESC 1993) Fernando Tordo
O Jardim (2) Cláudia Pascoal Isaura
Anda Daí (2) Rita Ruivo João Afonso
Sem Medo (1) Rui David Jorge Palma
O Som da Guitarra é a Alma de Um Povo (1) José Cid (Portugal 1980) & Gonçalo Tavares José Cid
Alvoroço (1) JP Simões JP Simões
Para Sorrir Eu Não Preciso de Nada (1) Catarina Miranda Júlio Resende
Eu Te Amo (1) Beatriz Pessoa Mallu Magalhães
Arco-Íris (2) Dora Fidalgo Miguel Ângelo
Anda Estragar-me os Planos (1) Joana Barra Vaz Francisca Cortesão
Austrália (1) Bruno Vasconselos Nuno Rafael
Patati Patata Minni & Rhayra Paulo Flores
A Mesma Canção (1) Maria Amaral Paulo Praça
Bandeira Azul (2) Maria Inês Paris Tito Paris
(sem título) (1) Janeiro Janeiro
Para Lá do Rio (2) Daniela Onis Daniela Onis
Sunset (2) Peter Serrado Peter Serrado
Com Gosto Amigo (1) Rita Dias Rita Dias

Festival da Canção will take place on the 18th and 25th of February where the songs will fight for a place in the final to be held in Guimarães, during RTP’s anniversary, on the 4th of March.

In a recent interview to Diário de Notícias, RTP’s Nuno Galopim stated that “it is important that Portugal’s choice is a reflection of the good music that is produced in the country (…) no matter the formula.” According to the show’s consultant the formula “is to have no formula”.

In the video below, take a look at a special Full Stage View of Portugal’s 2017 Eurovision winner. How did the background and the lights compliment the song? See it all in the video.

Jury and presenters of Festival da Canção 2018 were also revealed

Besides the acts and the song titles, the press conference today also covered other news by making it official who will be part of the judging panel, and the presenters.

Júlio Isidro is back as the head of the jury and, this year, on his side are:

Ana Bacalhau (singer), Ana Markl (journalist), António Avelar Pinho (composer), Carlão (singer), Luísa Sobral (Salvador’s sister who was stand-in for the the first rehearsals in Kyiv), Mário Lopes (music journalist), Sara Tavares (ESC 1994) and Tozé Brito (music producer).
As for the presenters, the first semifinal will be presented by men (Jorge Gabriel and José Carlos Malato) and the second semifinal by women (Tânia Ribas and Sónia Araújo).
The show’s grand final will be hosted by Filomena Cautela (also one of the Eurovision presenters) with Pedro Fernandes.
Source: Diário de Notícias, RTP
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