Eurovision Song Project again for Cyprus?

In an interview given today to Cypriot newspaper Fileleftheros, the Vice President of CyBC seemed to confirm participation for the island in next year’s Eurovision Song Contest. He also revealed that the method they will use again will be the Eurovision Song Project, the same format they used for selecting their representative at Vienna.

Mr Thanasis Tsokos, the Vice President of CyBC, gave an interview to Fileleftheros revealing his plans for next year’s CyBC TV programming. Among other things, he revealed CyBC’s intentions for taking part in next year’s Eurovision Song Contest in Stockholm. This wasn’t so strange as Eurovision had very high TV ratings in the country and the economic crisis seems to have been overcome in the island; as a result, Cyprus’s participation for next year was expected. The most important of what Mr Tsokos revealed was the method that CyBC will use to select their next representative. Mr Tsokos revealed that the Eurovision Song Project will be aired again and so we understand that it will be through that process the next representative of Cyprus will be chosen again.

As for 2016, RIK’s program will include The Olympics, the Euro football championship and the Eurovision Song Project, which are a social good for the people.

Even though One Thing I Should Have Done didn’t do well last year, everyone is pleased that at least John Karayannis made it to the final. We are now waiting for an official confirmation.

In my view

The CyBC should change a lot of things if they want to avoid last year’s numerous faults in regards to the Eurovision Song Project procedure. First of all, they should change the rules of the voting. Unlimited phone and SMS voting that lasts for 9 days, in a small country like Cyprus, can easily skew the results. The jury should be more careful in their conduct during the competition because we all remember what happened last year when Despina Olympiou – one of the judges – sang with Konstantinos Christoforou (Doody’s brother) a few days before the final. Better organization and some small changes would really do miracles!

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