Review: Mike Tramp & The Rock ‘N’ Roll Circuz – Stand Your Ground

Do you stand your ground? well Mike Tramp and his Rock ‘N’ Roll circuz does on this pure rock album, which offers 51 minutes with a lot of drums, guitars and amps, if I may quote Ringo Starr’s The Other Side Of Liverpool from his album Y Not

A lot has happened since Mike Tramp‘s Mabel days where he represented Denmark at the 1978 Eurovision Song Contest with the pop song Boom Boom to this album where he once again returns to his rock roots.
The first of the 11 songs on this album is kicked of to the sound of a warning siren, a bit like the Sweet’s 1973 hit Blockbuster, a nice touch, that prepares you for somthing special, but to be honest Stand Your Ground doesn’t add anything new.
Dont get me wrong, it’s a very fine rock ‘n’ roll album, with a mix of highly energetic tunes, slow rock numbers and ballads. Track #3 Distance could easily become a hit on the mainstream radio channals, but the song you want to listen to if you are out on the road in your car, is track # 6 Got Me Crazy, that really rocks.
The World Is Changing, track # 8, is very pessimistic, everything is a bit terrifying and the future look’s bleak, come on Mike, listen to Bob Dylan’s The Times They Are A-Changing, get some positiv vibes man!
While Donovan in the 60’s blamed The Universal Soldier for wars, Mike Tramp tell’s a different story in track # 11, The Soldier Never Started A War. It’s a very strong song, the best on the album, telling the story about a young man, who like his dad before him, joins the army, goes to war and comes home in a wheelchair. Yes we have heard songs like this before, but they can’t be sung enough, and remember to support your GI’s; they didn’t start the war, the just answered the call.
Well thats all I want to say about this album, play it on max volume or turn it a bit down, it’s worth your money.
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