Emmelie de Forest – Only Teardrops

First Emmelie captured the hearts of Denmark and later she moved on to the European ones as she won the Eurovision Song Contest. During her stay in Malmö Emmelie de Forest released her debut album. One can only qoute Julius Caesar by saying the famous words: Vini, Vidi, Vici; I came, I saw, I conquered.

is a pop album, and one of the most solid ones. There is no hustling
around in styles, I feel that it is almost what one could call a concept
album,  The life of a young girl.  Emmelie’s voice is perfect, at the same time
its strong and full of tenderness, she’ll never be a rock singer, and to honest
we don’t need more of them, but when it comes to pop, ballads and even
musicals she is  the new star.

opens up with the entry song Only Teardrops in an overture version
with a lot of strings by The Polish
Radio Orchestra
, just plain simple no extras, it’s actually like a fairy tale
and goes to show the quality in the tune.

The radio
hit, next to the winning  song, should be
track 3 Change a delight full pop song that builds up and makes you think
back to the music scene of the 1980’s, and we get to hear the flute again.

original version of Only Teardrops comes next.  No comments needed.

"Night falls on a haunted heart" is what Emmelie sings on track 6, Haunted Heart.  I don’t think that Emmelie was thinking about the night between the 18th and 19th of may . It’s a dramatic tune, drums and piano
play a major part that builds up with strings towards the ending. And of course
it’s about love and the fear of losing

Anny album
needs a ballad, and on Only Teardrops the honour falls to track 7 Force of
. The lovely tune is carried by a piano and once again the strings that turn any song into a fairy

The flute
that played an important roll in Only Teardrops is back in the same roll on Beat the Speed Of Sound.

In an interview with Emmelie on DR/P4/Madsen on the 10th of May 2013, Emmelie explains about the background behind song 10, Running In My Sleep that she
often has nightmares and that this song is a personal comment to that. The song
is far from a nightmare, it moves from a
silent tune to up tempo and back.

The album
ends with a symphonic version of Only Teardrops. Gone is the flute and the
drums. Back are the Polish Radio Orchestra and their counducter Maciej  Zottowski, and of course Emmelie de Forest

I wrote
this review 9 hrs after Emmelie de Forest won the Eurovision Song Contest in
Malmö, and some might accuse me for being a bit coloured by that! We’re now a few days later, and I was not. It is a very good album, and worth your money, and I think you should buy it. If
things turn out right for Emmelie she might have a big career in front of her, and should she decide to
return to the Eurovision Song Contest,  Emmelie is more than
welcome, the show needs natural performers like her.

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