Will we fall in love with Eleftheria’s Aphrodisiac?

Greece took to the stage for the first time today for their first rehearsal.  The Greeks think they could do well this year, but how did Eleftheria come across?

As we know, Aphrodisiac is an uptempo number in a fairly typical Greek style.  Eleftheria is joined on stage by four dancers – two boys, two girls – and one backing singer at a discreet distance.  We didn’t get to see their outfits, so we can’t comment on what they’ll be wearing next Tuesday.

The backdrop was similarly jazzy and fitted in well with the song.  Eleftheria moved around a lot during the song and was lifted up at various times by the dancers.  The whole effect was very good.

However, Eleftheria had one of two slight vocal problems.  Most of the song she managed fine, but a couple of times during the chorus was a different story.

We have to bear in mind that the first rehearsal is more for getting the choreography and staging right, so we shouldn’t be too concerned yet.  Some of the press do think that this will still do very well.

Source: Eurovisionary.com
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