Will the UK final be on the 12th of March?

Not much information about the selection procedure BBC will choose this year is available. We know that Pete Waterman will write the British entry, but more than that is just pure speculations. Now it appears like a date might be known though as Alexander Rybak has mentioned it in his calendar.

Alexander Rybak, last year’s Eurovision Song Contest winner, has scheduled that he will be in London on Friday the 12th of March for the UK national final. If he is to sing live at the show then it seems obvious to conclude that this is indeed the date, although he might have been speaking a bit sooner than the BBC would have wanted him to.

There is however also the possibility that he will just be in London to make a recording that day, which will then appear in the show on another day, but as more and more entertainment programs are being broadcasted on Fridays in the UK it is absolutely realistic that it will be on the 12th with a live performance from Alexander Rybak who also appeared in this year’s Finnish final. 

On the 13th of March Alexander will be in Stockholm for the Swedish final and the day after in Sarajevo for yet another national final.

Source: Alexander Rybak's myspace profile
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