Will Thursday night be the night for Malta to succeed in Eurovision?

This is the night, sings Kurt Calleja.  Next Thursday could well be the night for him to win the hearts of Europe and earn a place in the Eurovision Grand Final.

Malta rehearsed again today in preparation for the semi-final next Thursday.  There were a few technical problems but Kurt Calleja still managed to get through his song three times.  He had a well-choreographed 30 minutes in the Crystal Hall.

The first two attempts at this song were stopped due to sound problems,  We also had to delay to see some of the costumes that Kurt and his team would be wearing.  He was dressed today in a yellow T-shirt, black jeans and a leather jacket.  We’re still not sure whether he’ll wear these on the night.  His backing singer will be a in a short black dress.  Today his DJ/dancer was in a white T-shirt and yellow trousers.  The other dancers were also in white T-shirts, but with grey trousers.

Very effectively, the backdrop is flashing lights, as if it were a disco.  Along the bottom you can see silhouettes of people waving their hands.  It gives this song a fun feel.  The dance routine during the chorus is very catchy and gives this song a lot of charm.

You can tell that Kurt is enjoying himself and he sells this song really well.  On what we saw today, Kurt will not only be singing on Thursday, but will also be singing on Saturday 26 May too.

Stay tuned to Eurovisionary for a 3D recording of this rehearsal.

Source: Eurovisioary.com
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