Who will win in Malta tonight?

Tonight Malta will select from 20 songs their entry for the Eurovision Song Contest in May. EuroVisionary are in Malta to report on the festival. After speaking to some local journalists and fans the winner is expected to be between Claudia Faniello, Lawrence Gray, Eleanor Cassar and newcomer, Thea Garrett. 

Stay tuned to to EuroVisionary for exclusive gallery photos and reports. The interval acts tonight include the 2008 Armenian singer, Sirusho.  Also, Chiara and Mary Spiteri will perform. Here is a review of the performances at the Friday night dress rehearsal.

Dorothy Bezzina – she was in a long white dress and performed a beautiful ballad.

Foxy Federation – this girl band all dressed in red performed a fine, uptempo and sexy performance.

Lawrence Gray – Lawrence is very popular with the local public and gave a powerful performance of this emotional ballad.

Eleanor Spiteri – Eleanor was dressed a white and performed this classy uptempo song alone on stage.

Claudia Faniello – Claudia performed with 2 Belgian dancers this uptempo song with the story of Samsara.

Thea Garrett – Thea is beautifully dressed in a white dress and has a dancer that produces angel wings behind her.  This is a very strong ballad written by the team behind Chiara in 1998.

Priscilla & Kurt – a positive ballad performed by this elegant duo.

Nadine & Clifford – another beautiful ballad backed by a stringed quartet.

Glen Vella – another local favourite. Glen finished 2nd last year in Malta as part of the band, Q.  This is almost a Michael Jackson tribute.  Very strong performance.  Glen appears in trendy jeans and performs by 2 old car props.

Audrey Marie Bartolo – Audrey performed this stage musical type song very well.

Klinsmann – this rock type song was very well performed by local teen favourite, Klinsmann.

Claire Galea – this was a blues tribute with a Satchmo look alike on stage with her.

Wayne Micallef – another well performed ballad by Wayne accompanied on stage by a band a female pianist.

Petra Zammitt – this is an amazing, summer soul song.  This is a very strong performance by Petra.

Ryan Dale & Duminka – Ryan gave a good and positive performance alongside a popular puppet from Maltese tv!

Eleanor Cassar – Eleanor gave a powerful vocal performance to this rock type song.

Silver Clash – female duo performed this nice midtempo song.

Tiziana Calleja – a latino type song with great vocals and strong choreography.

Ruth Portelli – a lovely ballad from Ruth who was dressed a beautiful white dress.

Pamela – Pamela ended the show with a fine vocal performance of this ethnic type ballad.

Source: www.eurovisionary.com
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