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The British press have been giving their reaction to the results of the 2008 Eurovision Song Contest.

The Daily Telegraph said “Interspersed among the ballads was the usual Eurovision madness: singing pirates, a backing band inexplicably wearing false beards, including the women, and gothic rockers in angel wings. No western European country has won the competition for eight years and the results of the 53rd contest, in Belgrade, Serbia, followed the same trend.”

The Sun made a prediction yesterday, “Tonight the nation holds its breath and hopes to avoid the dreaded “nul points” as holders Serbia host the Eurovision Song Contest. But the chances of our entry landing the title ARE also nul — because of corrupt block voting.“

The Sun’s sister paper, the News of the World focused on Wogan’s comments about the contest no longer being about music but did add “Britains Eurovision Song Contest act Andy Abraham was voted joint worst in last nights contest. Judges in Belgrade sent the former binman a YOU’RE RUBBISH message, giving his song Even If just 14 points, the same as Germany and Poland."

The Times was sceptical, “Last night’s victor was — surprise, surprise — Russia. In the fashion of an old corrupt Soviet election, the win had been announced by the BBC five days before the voting even started. But if it had been won by a barber shop quartet from Alpha Centauri, eyelids would have remained unbatted. Terry Wogan would have simply remarked on their outfits before poking fun at the host nation, which this year happened to be Serbia.”

The BBC ended their article by saying, “But heartfelt commiserations to Andy – you did us proud.”


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Source: The Daily Telegraph, The Sun, The News of the World, The Times, BBC
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