We’re thinking about Greece qualifying all the time

Eleftheria Eleftheriou was back on stage today, hoping to put the vocal problems from Sunday firmly behind her.  What would her second rehearsal tell us?

The first thing we noticed about the stage performance was the slickness of the choreography.  It was faultless every time.  And it had a definite Greek slant to it.

We also saw the outfits that Eleftheria and her team would be wearing.  The two boys would be in white T-shirts and blue jeans.  The two girls wear black tops and blue hot pants.  Eleftheria herselfis in a black top and salmon pink shorts.  Their backing vocalist is dressed in white.

The background to this hasn’t changed from rehearsal one.  It’s still jazzy and fits the song.

The main problem with the rehearsal was that Eleftheria’s vocal was not spot on.  It sounded a little laboured and will need to be worked on ahead of the semi-final dress rehearsals when they start next week.  Having said that, the slick choreography may well be enough to see this through to the final.

Source: Eurovisionary.com
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