A View From Malta: Chiara or Ludwig back to the contest?

Malta has already started deciding who is to represent them in the Eurovision Song Contest 2009 in Russia. During the semifinals held in Malta, there were some old Maltese representatives from previous Eurovision Song Contests, such as Miriam Christine, Chiara and Ludwig.

1st Semifinal:

Former Maltese representative Ludwig participated in this semi final. This time he dueted with Fidela-tal Bambinu with an operatic song as we had seen him with in İstanbul in 2004. The song was called Lament.

In the first semi final, there were also six more songs competing:

* Dominic Cini – I’m in heaven
* Classic Rebels – Tonight at the opera
* Klinsmann – Butterfly sky
* Talitha Dimech – Earth & sky
* Rosman Pace – One million ways
* Francesca Borg – Falling in love 

2nd Semifinal:

There were seven songs competing in the second semifinal:

* Q – Live for today
* Josmar – Circus
* Jessica Muscat – Smoke-screen
* Georgina – To be myself
* Laura Bruno – Something about you
* Marija Galdes – Castaway
* Vittorio & Dorothy – Promises  

3rd Semifinal:

There were seven songs competing in the third semifinal:  

* Trilogy – The song in your heart
* Dorothy Bezzina – Mozart revives
* Derrick Schembri & Yanika Fava – For a moment
* Jo Zette – I’m me
* Evita Magri – Sexy girls
* Christian Arding – This ain’t a love song
* Gloriana Arpa Belli – Love was made of clay 

4th Semifinal:

There were seven songs competing in the fourth semi final:

* Ruth Portelli – Innocent heart
* Eleanor Cassar – Someday
* Dario & Grecia Bezzina – Fjamma tas-Sliem
* Harmony – Claire Caruana
* Maria Mallia – Love in the Sahara
* Natasha & Charlene – Alchemy
* Claudia Faniello – Midas touch 

5th Semifinal:

In this edition was the former Maltese representative Miriam Christine, who sang In a Woman’s Heart in Oslo in 1996. This time she appeared with the song Mama.

There were seven songs competing in the fifth semi final:

* Miriam Christine – Mama
* Baklava – Kamikaze lover
* Ruth Portelli – Blame it on your heart
* J. Anvil – Choose your number
* Corazon Mizzi – Another side of me
* Rebecca Bonnici – Carry me
* Justine ft. Siconix – Rhythm of the night

6th Semifinal:

There were seven songs competing in the sixth semi final: 

* Jamie Tonna – Where was I?
* Q – Before you walk away
* Julie Pomorski – Shades of memories
* Jessica Muscat – Hey you
* Raquela – Crossroads
* Ludwig Galea – Inferno
* Kylie Coleiro – Let it shine

7th Semifinal:

Angel, an influential song in the 2005 Eurovision Song Contest, still gives the same taste to the Eurovision Song Contest fans.  After three years away from the Eurovision Song Contest, Chiara was back to the stage with a less catchy song What If We…. The song will be the first song for Malta composed by Flemish composers. According to the viewers, Chiara will be heading to Moscow.

In the seventh semi final of Malta’s Eurosong, there were also six more songs competeting:

* Alison Ellul – Typical me – Alison Ellul
* Daniela Vella – Soulmate
* Eleanor Cassar – This is our life
* Georgina & Ruth Casingena
* Claudia Faniello – Blue Sonata
* Christine Barbara – Visions of you

The rest of the shows can be also watched by clicking here on time. The dates will be available on EuroVisionary.

Source: EuroVisionary, TVM (TV Malta)
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