The TWiiNS hope nothing can stop them

Slovakia performed their ballad at the second rehearsal this afternoon.  The TWiiNS showed a marked improvement on Tuesday’s rehearsal, and made an impression.

Slovakia is desperate to make a Saturday night final for the first time since 1998.  To achieve this, they’ve brought a fairly established name, and a ballad in English composed by a Slovak, a Swede and an American.  It has a contemporary sound and they are very easy on the eye.

They were today wearing their outfits for the night, which were short short dresses with long trains.  One twin was in white, and one in gold.  Their two backing singers are in silver and bronze.  For support, there are also a piano and drums on stage.  The song itself places heavy emphasis on the drums for the beat.  Towards the end of the song, we get wind machines to show off the trains to their full effect.

This was a much improved rehearsal from Tuesday.  They were holding the long notes and the backing singers complimented them well without being intrusive.  Having said that, they are in a very tough semi-final, so qualification is by no means guaranteed.

In my view

I think this has been performed very well.  They are good looking, they engage with the camera well, and they are having no trouble singing this live.  However, there’s the risk that there’s no definite hook to the song.  It may therefore get a little lost in the mix.  They also have to compete against the very competent ballad from neighbours Austria.

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