Switzerland continues to follow its wildest dream of Eurovision success

Switzerland’s young duo Sinplus came back to the Arena today for a second rehearsal.  A large amount of Swiss journalists were willing this on to be good and they were not disappointed.

Sinplus continue to sing this song consistently well.  They have struck a good balance, using the stage to its best effect.  The catwalks are there to be used and they make the most of them.

The band appeared to be in the costumes they may be wearing on Tuesday night.  The lead singer is in a black & white T-shirt, black jacket and black jeans.  His brother is in a green jacket and also black jeans.  The female guitarist is in a short black leather dress and leather boots.  They also have a drummer on stage.

The backdrop again suits the uptempo of the song and consists of neon lines in geometric patterns.  They move constantly and changes colours – green, blue, red, white.

Switzerland’s main worry is the highly fancied uptempo song from Romania immediately before it.  But if they can perform as well as this next week, we will see Switzerland in the final.

Stay tuned to Eurovisionary for a 3D video of this second rehearsal.

Source: Eurovisionary.com
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