Sweden decides to give Pernilla Wahlgren and Jessica Andersson a second chance in Globen

The swedish selection Melodifestivalen continued with the second chance heat that took place in the town of Örebro, about 200 km west of Stockholm. 2 out of 8 songs were selected by swedish televote to take the remaining two places in the final in Globen next Saturday.

The second chance round means that the 3rd and 4th placed songs from
the four semifinals face each other in four separate duels. The four
winners then face each other in pairs in two new duels.
The winners from these duels gets a place in the final that will be
held on Saturday the 13th of March in Stockholm.

Duel 1:
Pain of Salvation – "Road Salt" vs Pernilla Wahlgren "Jag vill om du vågar"
Comment: Pernilla Wahlgren took part in Melodifestivalen 1985, 1991 and 2003 while Pain of Salvation made their debut.

Duel 2:
Pauline – "Sucker For Love" vs Crucified Barbara "Heaven Or Hell"
Comment: In the battle of the two newcomers to Melodifestivalen Crucified Barbara came out victorious.

Duel 3:
Kalle Moraeus & Orsa spelmän "Underbart" vs NEO "Human Frontier"
Comment: Neo was looked upon as a favourite since he won the polls before the second chance heat but fell against this folk music inspired song.

Duel 4:
Alcazar "Headlines" vs Jessica Andersson "I did it for love"
Alcazar has been in the second chance heat no less than three out of four times they have appeared in Melodifestivalen. They came undefeated from the second chance heat in the previous years but were not third time lucky this time.

Duel 5 – for a ticket to the final in Globen:
Pernilla Wahlgren "Jag vill om du vågar" vs Crucified Barbara "Heaven Or Hell"

Duel 6 – for a ticket to the final in Globen:
Kalle Moraeus & Orsa spelmän "Underbart" vs Jessica Andersson "I did it for love"

The full line-up in Globen:

1. You’re Out Of My Life        
Composed by: Henrik Janson, Tony Nilsson                     
Performer: Darin  

2. Jag vill om du vågar         
Composed by: Pontus Assarsson, Daniel Barkman, Jörgen Ringqvist
Perfomer: Pernilla Wahlgren

3. We Can Work It Out          
Composed by: Andreas Johnson, Bobby Ljunggren, Marcos Ubeda            
Performer: Andreas Johnson

4. Kom          
Composed by: Niclas Arn, Gustav Eurén, Karl Eurén          
Performer: Timoteij                

5. Hollow       
Composed by: Anders Hansson, Fredrik Kempe               
Performer: Peter Jöback

6. Unstoppable
Composed by: Alexander Kronlund, Hanif Sabzevari, Dimitri Stassos, Ola Svensson
Performer: Ola

7. I Did It For Love
Composed by: Kristian Wejshag, Lars ”Dille” Diedricson
Artist: Jessica Andersson

8. Keep On Walking
Composed by: Salem Al Fakir
Performer: Salem Al Fakir

9. This Is My Life       
Composed by: Bobby Ljunggren, Kristian Lagerström
Performer: Anna Bergendahl

10. Manboy         
Composed by: Fredrik Kempe, Peter Boström
Performer: Eric Saade

Source: www.svt.se www.EuroVisionary.com
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