SVT reveals titles and composers for Melodifestivalen 2010

Today SVT revealed the title and composers of 27 of the 32 songs that are participating in next years edition of Melodifestivalen. Among the composers we find well known names as Fredrik Kempe and Thomas G:son.

The interest of composing songs for Melodifestivalen has dropped from previous years. Last year there was an all time high of 3440 songs sent in to SVT. This year the number of songs was only 2614.

Note that the order of the songs is random.

1.  Title: A Place To Stay
Composer: Torben Hedlund (lyrics&music),

2. Title: Doctor Doctor
Composers: Tony Nilsson (lyrics & music), Mirja Breitholtz (lyrics & music)

3. Title: Headlines
Composers: Tony Nilsson (lyrics & music), Peter Boström (lyrics& music)

4.  Title: Heaven And Hell
Composers: Håkan Larsson (lyrics& music), Jörgen Svensson (lyrics & music), Björn Lönnroos (lyrics& music)

5.  Title: Hippare Hoppare
Composers: Vlatko Ancevski (lyrics& music), Vlatko Gicarevski (lyrics & music), Mats Nilsson (lyrics& music), Teddy Paunkoski (lyrics&music), Otis Sandsjö (lyrics & music), Stevan Tomulevski (lyrics & music), Douglas Leon (lyrics & music)

6.  Title: Human Frontier
Compposers: Tobias Jonsson (lyrics & music), Anneli Axelsson (lyrics & music)

7.  Title: Hur kan jag tro på kärleken?
Composers: Kenneth Gärdestad (lyrics), Tony Malm (music), Niclas Lundin (music)

8.  Title: I Did It For Love
Composers: Lars "Dille" Diedricson (music), Kristian Wejshag (lyrics)

9. Title: Idiot
Composers: Niklas Jarl (lyrics & music ), Per Aldeheim (lyrics & music)

10. Title: Innan alla ljusen brunnit ut
Composers: Stefan Moody (music), Danne Attlerud (lyrics)

11. Title: Jag vill om du vågar
Composers: Pontus Assarsson (lyrics & music), Jörgen Ringqvist (lyrics & music), Daniel Barkman (lyrics)

12. Title: Magisk stjärna
Composers: Micke Wennborn (music), Py Bäckman (lyrics & music)

13. Title: Manboy
Composers: Fredrik Kempe (lyrics & music), Peter Boström (music)

14. Title: Manipulated
Composers: Sarah Lundbäck (lyrics & music), Iggy Strange-Dahl (lyrics& music), Hayden Bell (lyrics & music), Erik Lewander (lyrics & music)

15. Title: Never Heard Of Him
Composers: Figge Boström (lyrics & music), Anna Engh (lyrics & music)

16. Title: Road Salt
Composer: Daniel Gildenlöw (lyrics & music)

17. Title: Run
Composers: Niclas Arn (lyrics & music ), Karl Eurén (lyrics & music), Gustav Eurén (lyrics & music)

18. Title: Singel
Composers: Hamed K-One Pirouzpanah (music), Håkan Bäckman (lyrics)

19. Title: Stop
Composers: Mikaela Stenström (lyrics & music), Dimitri Stassos (lyrics & music)

20.  Title: This Is My Life
Composers: Kristian Lagerström (lyrics), Bobby Ljunggren (music)

21. Title: Thursdays
Composers: Thomas G:son (music), Peter Boström (music), Sharon Vaughn (lyrics)

22. Title: Tonight
Composers: Sharon Vaughn (lyrics & music), Anders Hansson (lyrics & music)

23. Title: Underbart
Composers: Lina Eriksson (lyrics), Johan Moraeus (music)

24. Title: Unstopable
Composers: Dimitri Stassos (lyrics & music), Alexander Kronlund (lyrics & music), Hanif Sabzevari (lyrics & music), Ola Svensson (lyrics &music)

25. Title: We Can Work It Out
Composers: Bobby Ljunggren (music), Marcos Ubeda (music), Andreas Johnsson (lyrics)

26. Title: Yeba
Composers : Getty Domein Mpanzu (lyrics), Tuomas (Tiny) Pyhäjärvi (music)

27. Title: Åt helvete för sent
Composors: Lina Eriksson (lyrics & music), Mårten Eriksson (lyrics & music), Susie Päivärinta (lyrics & music)

The five remaining songs will be reveald later on.

Fun facts

Number of composors in Melodifestivalen 2010: 61
Number of female composors: 8
Number of new composors: 30

Source: svt,se,
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