Stage for 2012 Dansk Melodi Grand Prix revealed

The stage design for the upcoming Danish final, the Dansk Melodi Grand Prix, has been revealed. The set designer, Claus Zier, explains it to be one gigantic waterfall and a stage that requires a lot from the artist. 

Claus Zier has been in charge of designing the stage for the Dansk Melodi Grand Prix four times before, but he says that this will the best ever. He summarises with the stage, with inspiration from all over Europe, with the three words: Modern, sharp and crispy. 

The stage with be one large waterfall, he says and continues: "It starts in 13 meters hight and then there will be light lines build into the stage horisontally in a kind of rocket shape. It then continues onto the stage, which is 15-20 meter deep with light in the entire floor and then it goes down over the edge to the floor where the audience will be sitting".  

That it will be a stage, which puts a higher focus, more also requires more from the artist he explains by saying that "this time we only have a pure graphical light stage, where they stand in the middle of the stage and have to deliver – all by themselves".

Another thing that has been changed for the 2012 Danish final is the location of the Greenroom. Instead of placing the participants in comfortable sofas infront of stage they will this time be seated to the right of the stage on a 20 cm hight stage podium and the sofas have been changed to lighter chairs. The jury members, which will deciding 50% in the first voting of the final, will be placed just before the actual greenroom guests. 

The Danish final takes place on Saturday the 21st of January and it will be hosted in Gigantium, Aalborg. On the 5th of January the line-up will be presented on a press conference by DR.

Source: DR, EuroVisionary
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